Upcoming Pokemon Go Update Will Add 80 New Pokemon

Upcoming Pokemon Go Update Will Add 80 New Pokemon

The world of Pokemon Go is about to get a whole lot bigger.

Niantic has announced that mobile AR game Pokemon Go will be receiving a hefty update, which will roll out later this week. The update will add more than 80 new Pokemon from Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. This will include the opportunity for new evolutions, so you may want to start stockpiling candy again. There will also be new "evolution items" available at PokeStops.

The update will also add the Nanab Berry and Pinap Berry. The Nanab Berry will slow Pokemon down, so they're less likely to run away while you're attempting to catch them, while the Pinap Berry lets players collect twice as much candy when they do catch a Pokemon during an encounter.

Other changes including new Pokemon reactions when you're trying to catch them, item carousels that let you select items in the encounter screen, and more avatar customization options.


This thing is still going on?

This thing is still going on?

Hah, I forgot about it too. Anecdotally, I used to see it played every week when I visited a local gamer bar. It's been about a month since I've seen anyone tapping/swiping away at their phones.

I'm sure someone is still playing it but I can't see it picking up relevance again without a major reinvention of gameplay. Even then the boat likely sailed because they hit peak nostalgia.


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