Cities: Skylines is Bringing City Management to Xbox One Later this Year

Cities: Skylines is Bringing City Management to Xbox One Later this Year

Paradox Interactive is bringing the popular city management gameplay of Cities: Skylines to Xbox one later in 2017.

Cities: Skylines was one of 2015's best surprises. In the wake of the debacle that was the latest SimCity, Colossal Order's city management simulator captured the attention of genre fans, and has only built on its reputation with some solid DLC. In its first month on the market, the PC-only title sold over a million copies. It was even named the best strategy / sim game of 2015 here on The Escapist.

Now Paradox Interactive is bringing the game to Xbox One. The new version was announced in a press release this morning, and will include the base game and the After Dark expansion. You can see the new version in the trailer below.

There's no word yet on whether the game's other two expansions - Snowfall and Natural Disasters - will make to the console, but for now, the base game and After Dark will offer a city simulator the likes of which are rarely seen on a console.

No specific release date was given for the Xbox One version of Cities: Skylines aside from "spring 2017," but that doesn't seem all that long to wait.


I'm just interested to see how they handle the control scheme. If this and Halo Wars 2 have a more usable system than Halo Wars 1 or Battle for Middle Earth 2 maybe we'll see more on consoles and therefore a resurgence in strategy games in general.

Colour me interested. I hope they take a leaf out of halo wars and remember that simple is better when it comes to using console controllers for RTS's

Well, I didn't need that free time!

I might have to check this out if I can be bothered to pull myself away from Warframe. I'm keenly interested.


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