Games With Gold is Not Being Replaced With Game Pass, Says MS

Games With Gold is Not Being Replaced With Game Pass, Says MS

Microsoft has stated that "Games With Gold" is not being phased out in favor of its newly revealed Game Pass.

Earlier today, we heard that the Xbox One was getting a Netflix-style subsciption game service called Game Pass. Many worried that this was the death knell for Xbox One's current "Games With Gold" service, which gives players a selection of games to download and play for free with their Xbox Live Gold subscription. The good news is that Microsoft has very firmly stated that Games With Gold isn't going anywhere.

"Games with Gold continues. Xbox Game Pass is not a replacement for that. Great games and benefits with Gold continue," Tweeted Microsoft's Mike Ybarra. When asked if we would need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to use Game Pass, Ybarra said "no." In fact, in a separate Tweet he stressed that Game Pass was an "Entirely different program."

Source: Twitter


I knew it wouldn't replace Xbox One Games With Gold. But is it replacing Xbox 360 Games With Gold? Also why do they embarrassingly compare themselves with Netflix when they obviously mean PlayStation Now?


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