Quake Champions Beta Sign-ups Open

Quake Champions Beta Sign-ups Open

A new action-packed multiplayer trailer for Quake Champions accompanied the announcement.

Bethesda Softworks has just announced that closed beta sign-ups for its upcoming arena shooter Quake Champions are now live on the newly updated Quake Champions website. The beta is expected to kick off "in the coming weeks, and the announcement was accompanied by a new multiplayer trailer for the game, which you can see to the right.

"The Closed Beta is expected to begin in the coming weeks, and if you're going to be attending PAX East this weekend at the Boston Convention Center, Quake Champions will be playable at the Bethesda Booth," said Bethesda in a blog.

The new website is loaded up with details on many of the Arenas, weapons and Champions you'll be able to check out when the game enters closed beta, and Bethesda promises to update it more this Wednesday.

Source: Bethesda


Honestly? I'm pretty excited for this. I grew up playing scrims and tourneys of games like Quake, Doom, and Counter-Strike. So this looks like a mixture of good ol' nostalgic twitch-shooting and modern advances and polish. I.E. Fun as hell.

After id's return to form with DOOM last year I have high hopes that they can knock this one out of the park as well.


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