Monday, March 13 is Maintenance Day at The Escapist!

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Fingers crossed they don't use this as an excuse to take free pubclub away from people. There's no way I'd keep coming here if it involves the old barrage of repetitive adverts that mess up how the pages load.

"Excuse"? I hope they do fix it, it's been almost a year now. And I'm not saying that because I'm a big meany who's bitter that he's paying for PubClub and others are not, but because The Escapist needs money to function. And no ads and no member dues are making no money for the site.

It's not like it's prohibitively expensive. Having a particular nasty habit, I literally burn the value of the annual Escapist bill every couple of days just to inhale some sweet carcinogens.

The Escapist was getting all that ad money before people got PubClub free but it didn't stop them discarding staff and content creators (actually leading to people getting PC free in the first place). If I trusted Escapist to take a new surge of cash to get some decent content that'd be one thing but as someone who lost interest in Yahtzee some time ago there's very little content here worth enduring the horrible advertising practice they engaged in before (idk maybe it changed but it used to be SUPER overbearing and aggravating).

At this point there's 3 things I visit the site for: Cory and Grey's comics (sadly few and far between recently), the news feed (which I could really get anywhere), and the forums/ community (which was great once but now feels like it's moving more towards WW which isn't my thing). None of those things are substantial enough to put up with the ads (and without free PC I'd have stopped visiting a long time ago) and I suspect I wouldn't be the only member to just give up on the site if they forced us to put up with those ads again BEFORE bringing decent new content here

Agreed. Speaking as someone who also never paid for Pub Club and has now experienced what it has to offer, I really don't think it's worth the money they're charging for it.

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