Community's Abed Stars in Journey to Un'Goro Web Series

Community's Abed Stars in Journey to Un'Goro Web Series

Community's Dani Pudi plays Professor George Herbert Doyle IV and takes viewers to the heart of the Un'Goro crater.

In preparation Professor George Herbert Doyle IV of the launch of Hearthstone's upcoming Journey to Un'Goro expansion pack, Blizzard has released the first episode of a new web series detailing the exploits of Professor George Herbert Doyle IV, explorer extrodnaire. Fans of the hit TV shows Community and Powerless will recognize Doyle, who is portrayed by Dani Pudi.

In the first episode, Doyle is separated from the rest of his team, but still manages to make a new discovery.

We're not exactly how many episodes Blizzard is planning on releasing, but we can probably expect a few more in the lead up to the expansion's release in April.


Maybe spending money on big-name celebrities and sets like this isn't the best idea right after you hiked the price. Blizzard just seems like they're trying to poke the beehive at this point.


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