This Zelda Fan Controls His Entire House With an Ocarina

This Zelda Fan Controls His Entire House With an Ocarina

That's skill.

I used to think I was a pretty big Legend of Zelda fan, and yes, I am in possession of a functioning Ocarina that I am able to make halfway decent music with. However, YouTuber Sufficiently Advanced has taken both his Zelda love and Ocarina skills to the next level, with the assistance of a Raspberry Pi and other assorted items.

Using tunes made popular by Ocarina of Time, Sufficiently Advanced can unlock his doors, change his thermostat, find his phone, and more. Want to turn the lights on? Sun's Song. Unlock your trusty steed (car)? Rock out to Epona's Song.

It's an impressive video, and makes me more than a little jealous that I didn't think of it first.


Is amazing as all of that is... this would get very old very fast if you HAD to play an Ocarina to turn anything on/off in your house.

And couldn't someone (knowing this) use their own Ocarina to unlock the door? Or just play it on a recorder or something?

He doesn't power anything, he controls his house. That ain't even nitpicking, I was like "How the fuck..." for a moment.

Still rad though.

Edit: Heej y'all changed the title. Well done.

I can't play the Ocarina good enough to play a correct note or the know how to set this up so GG.

I don't Like calling things click-bait and I tend to like Lizzy's post but can't see this as anything other than click-bait. Please Fix the Title you are above this.

In the name of the Goddess Hylia... that's incredible.

I thought I was good to be able to play various non-game songs on my Ocarina, but this takes it to another level entirely.

Now to invent a song that actually tames horses.

This seems like a good way to get your shit stolen.

I bet his hosted parties lose their novelty pretty darn quickly. Unless you can turn off the mildly impressive bullshit.

And that's not powering a house. I thought from the headline somebody had made a generator out of an ocarina of something. Disappoint I am.

That's not powering a house, that's just controlling stuff, like using an app in a phone as a TV remote.

Nonetheless I am impressed, I would change my way of living to a more normal state pretty fast! But looking at the technical stuff he has done this is quite impressive, for me at least.

That... is some damned impressive nerdy stuff. Though I can't help but wonder if it'll ever get old...

That is pretty cool. I don't think the novelty will have time to wear off, seeing as he just told the entire internet how to get into his house. The tech will probably be stolen within a few days...


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