Major Final Fantasy 15 Update Brings Chapter 13 Changes, Bug Fixes

Major Final Fantasy 15 Update Brings Chapter 13 Changes, Bug Fixes

Chapter 13 is one of the most divisive parts of Final Fantasy 15, but an update from Square Enix is looking to change that.

Square Enix has released a new update to Final Fantasy 15 a little ahead of schedule, and with it comes some changes to the fairly unpopular Chapter 13. The update will add cutscenes "that enhance the Chapter 13 story experience," along with two different playable routs and more powerful ring magic. The update also opens additional areas to explore.

The update accompanies the Episode Gladiolus character-focused DLC that is detailed below (obligatory potential mild spoiler warning):

"For the first time, players will set aside the swift warp-strike play style of the Crown Prince Noctis and take on the role of faithful comrade Gladiolus, who utilizes a vastly different play style emphasising defence, blocking and counterattacks," the description reads.

The episode features a new story from Gladiiolus' point of view, "uncovering the events that transpired when the character left the party in Final Fantasy XV's main storyline," along with an "exhilarating combat system" with a new Valor and Rage system, access to previously inaccessible parts of Eos, and two new gameplay modes and some special items that are unlocked after completing the DLC.

You can check out the patch notes for 1.07 and 1.06, both available for download now, below:

Version 1.07

  • Various bug fixes
  • Version 1.06

  • Addition of Chapter 13, Verse 2 (alternate route featuring Gladiolus)
  • Enhancement of Arcana spells (Alterna, Holy, Death)
  • Announcement of winning snapshots from first photo contest (viewable at Takka's Pit Stop in Hammerhead)
  • Temporary conclusion of Timed Quests (will resume at a later date)
  • Addition of two pieces from "Episode Gladiolus" downloadable content to music player tracklist
  • Addition of compatibility with "Episode Gladiolus" downloadable content
  • Various gameplay enhancements
  • Various bug fixes
  • Updated saves will not work on former versions of the game
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    >Making the Ring worth using.

    Good. This honestly seems like a great update.

    Too late. Sold and onto bigger better games. Just finished horizon zero Dawn and next week p5 is out. No room for ffxv s-links

    Too late. Sold and onto bigger better games. Just finished horizon zero Dawn

    Yup, just finished the Sun Ring part of Zero Dawns story and the story is fucking brilliant certainly a hell of a lot better than... well whatever the hell was going on in FF15. Besides Chapter 13 wasn't the big problem, well it was a big problem but the real issue is that from the half way point Chapter 8 you are pretty much taken from an open free roaming world a forced in to a one way no options on where to go game. Making some changes to one Chapter, adding an optional path and sticking some extra cut scenes in ain't gonna solve the problems the entire second half of this game has.

    I also just finished Horizon, and loved it to death (I'm a spooky ghost).

    FFXV was fine, and if it's better now...great?

    I've already finished it except for La Tortuga Gigante, including the dungeon that is hell incarnate so I'm not exactly going to go back to it any time soon.

    These updates are pretty neat, once all the DLC comes out, might get around to doing another playthrough, especially since they are adding more scenes to otherwise lackluster parts of the story.

    Monster Truck Regalia when?

    Once I'm done with BotW, I'll replay that Chapter again. Funnily, I found Pearl useful enough to use it regularly. I was fine with the chapter itself, but I agree it's the lowest point in the game. It was interesting because it was very different to pretty much everything before in the game.

    That's sort of the uncanny thing with FFXV. It's not a horrible game by any means, but it's like it loses out to every other game on keeping my interest going. I've already dove into horizon zero dawn and intend to jump back and try to make more progress in FFXV, assuming Mass Effect Andromeda doesn't get some kind of miracle patch to fix all the graphics and animation bugs it has.

    I actually don't even recall if I played through chapter 13 yet.

    And here I was hoping for a PC port. A bit ambitious for a mere patch, I know. But a Chocobo can dream.

    It seems the Ring of Lucii is worth using now. It can even 1HKO the Adamantoise. I've still got to go through the extra dungeons, so I'm looking forward to using it. Gonna take a lot of spells with me, so I'm grinding the hell out of that Adamantoise.


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