Blizzard Celebrating Hearthstone's Year of the Mammoth with Rewards Starting March 29

Blizzard Celebrating Hearthstone's Year of the Mammoth with Rewards Starting March 29

The new Hearthstone year is coming soon, and Blizzard is counting down to its arrival with a special Year of the Mammoth event.

We're just over a week from the launch of the next Hearthstone expansion, Journey to Un'Goro, and Blizzard has announced a new event that will take you right up to launch day. On March 15, Blizzard launched the first of three Year of the Mammoth Tavern Brawls, and the next one is scheduled for March 29.

Also starting on March 29. Blizzard will be offering daily log-in rewards for Hearthstone players. Each day leading up to the Un'Goro launch, you'll get a new reward just for logging in. Here's a list of what's on offer:

  • March 29: 50 gold
  • March 30: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan card pack
  • March 31: 100 Dust
  • April 1: Whispers of the Old Gods card pack
  • April 2: Journey to Un'Goro card pack
  • April 3: 50 gold
  • April 4: Journey to Un'Goro card pack
  • April 5: Golden Volcanosaur card, as seen below (To receive this, you must log in with a Hearthstone client fully updated for Journey to Un'Goro)

The daily log-in rewards will reset at the same time that quests reset each day in the region where you live. You can find more info over on the Hearthstone blog.

The Journey to Un'Goro expansion is set to launch on April 6. Until then, you can check out all the cards that have been revealed so far here, here, and here.



Rewards only last a week and then its back to 1 daily a day, meanwhile other online card games have continuous online rewards.


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