Square Enix Vows to Fully Support The Nintendo Switch

Square Enix Vows to Fully Support The Nintendo Switch


Square Enix says it will support the new system as much as possible through both original titles and ports.

Speaking with Japanese business newspaper the Nikkei (via Press A to Join), video game publisher and developer Square Enix vowed to fully support the Nintendo Switch, which is enjoying a good degree of success in Japan.

"In addition to developing new titles, we also want to port what we can do with existing game titles more and more," Square-Enix COO Yosuke Matsuda.

"Nintendo proposes various kinds of fun. There may be other companies offering amazing ways of playing with 'Switching' characteristics of
'Switch'. However, since we have our way of doing things, we will make games that we are good at leveraging the functions of Switch," he continued.

A port of JRPG I am Setsuna is already available for the Nintendo Switch, and a new franchise, Octopath Traveller, is currently in the works. In Japan, the Switch also has ports of Dragon Quest Heroes I & II, and an upcoming Seiken Densetsu Collection.

Either way you can expect to see plenty of Square titles on the Switch in the near future.

Source: The Nikkei (Japanese) via Press A 2 Join


Given the Switch's hardware, people shouldn't expect anything major from the developer.

Double post for some reason.

So, Square-Enix is going to go all-out as far as Switch support? I'm not sure about Kingdom Hearts 3, but I'd love to see the various compilation games ported. It would be nice to play the series on-the-go.

You know, since Square-Enix and Nintendo are going to be all buddy-buddy right now, does that mean that a sequel to "Super Mario RPG" is even slightly more of a possibility? *sigh* I can dream, right?

Dragon Quest Monsters. Gimme.

And make a new Ogre Battle game.

I'll believe it when I see it.

Though I do wonder if they are planning to port the FFVII Remake to it. That was a rumor a long time ago.

Port their classic catalogue most likely, they've got a good horde of timeless classics people grew up n and games that they never brought over which would do well for it. New content however I find just a wee bit less likely but we'll see.

Put your money where your mouth is Squenix.

Have any third-party developers actually released a new game (not a port) on/for the Switch?


And make a new Ogre Battle game.

Yes please!

Also a new Mario RPG would be awesome!

I heard rocket slime was awesome, but never got a chance to try it. The ball's in your court Squenix.

I'm not expecting to see Kingdom Hearts 3 or Final Fantasy VII but I would like to see a reissue of Final Fantasy XV and maybe a version of Final Fantasy XIV. This might not be something with mass appeal but looking back on how Squeenix supported the Wii U, I'm going to sit here and gleefully anticipate a Switch release/port of Deus Ex: Mankind Devided, Tomb Raider and, Hitman.

It's incredibly unlikely to happen but I hope this stretches into the Switches eventual VC: I don't expect to see Final Fantasy 7 - 10 on the VC but it would be great to see the original 6 since they seem to have skipped the U and 3DS VC. Better yet I'd like to see a master collection cartridge with those titles...ideally I'd like to see Squeenix do with FFV and FFIV on the Switch what they did with FFIII and FFIV on the DS: Shiny new visuals slapped onto the original game.

I'm only expecting as much as games they absorbed/published via Eidos. maybe yet another release of (formally) Ouya-exclusive games like the FF3/4 Ports that basically reused DS's assets. maybe they'll just dig out the PSP-inspired release of FF1 from the Japanese 3DS eshop and somehow sell it for full price. i mean it's not like people wasn't aware that Puyopuyo Tetris didn't start off as a Japanese-only 3DS (plus whatever else) release just because Ubisoft owned the Tetris publication rights for the west at the time. (have the theory that the Tetris IP was the only reason it got sidestate)

Maybe they'll give Bravely some love. or maybe eventually they'll have to remake Dragon Quest IX. implementing Bravely's difficulty/encounter sliders as well as optional story pathing/static characters (similar to Etrian Odyssey's remakes) might steer the game in a more familiar game with some kind of identity, instead of just being a series of continuity nods with barely-connected plots set to the tune of a fully customizable (Dragon Quest 3-inspired) party system.

Probably would be insanely impressed if they made an effort on remaking FF6. seems like they stopped at remaking 3/4 in terms of 3D graphics then skipped the Playstation generation (presumably due to pre-rendered graphics) vs PS2+ since they would have fully 3D assets to reference on. FF7 presumably is getting a full remake due to popularity though.

Put your money where your mouth is Squenix.

Have any third-party developers actually released a new game (not a port) on/for the Switch?

This. They need more than just ports. Either way, I don't see myself picking up a Switch; especially after how Nintendo handled the Wii U.


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