The Next Round of the Quake Champions Beta Begins Thursday

The Next Round of the Quake Champions Beta Begins Thursday


If you haven't gotten to play Quake Champions yet, you'll get your next chance later this week.

The first closed beta for Quake Champions is over, but id Software is already prepping for another round of testing. According to a tweet on the game's official Twitter account, the next closed beta will kick off this Thursday, April 13.

If you haven't been invited yet, don't despair. id is still accepting signups for the beta, and you can sign up right here. More invites are expected to go out in advance of Thursday's beta launch.

The first beta ran into a few issues with overwhelmed servers, but id added capacity to accommodate the higher number of concurrent players.

There's still no word on when Quake Champions will launch, but you can get your fix in the beta this weekend.


Huh. That's cool.

Maybe I'll actually get to play it this time.

What's that? Oh, no. The reason wasn't because I didn't get a beta invite. On the contrary! I got one a week prior to it starting.

No, I didn't get to play because, well...let me recount the events of last weekend.

I tried downloading the game on friday with the intent on playing it Saturday and Sunday. However, the download was so slow (not on my end) that it took into Saturday to complete. Then, when I found time to play it on Saturday, I attempted to boot it up via the Bethesda Launcher. The launcher crashed twice in the process, failing to launch the game.

After I'd found a work around I got the game's executable to launch. However, it never got past the initial loading screen. It sat there for half an hour and did nothing. I tried several more times but never got past the loading screen. I searched online for a solution but found nothing helpful. I fiddled with it for a while and eventually found a 'fix'.

It was getting into the late afternoon by this point but I was determined. I launched the game with my 'fix' and, after roughly 10 minutes, I got to the main menu. But, I was greeted with an error message saying, "The services are unavailable at this time. Try again soon."

So I did. I closed the game and launched again. After 5 to 10 minutes I got to the same error. Frustrated but still determined, I decided to try it once more. This time I got to the login screen and passed into the main menu.

Success! I was excited. I was finally going to get to try the beta! I decided to check my controls and settings first. The controls were simple (and unsurprising), but the settings were defaulted to medium. (I have the hardware to do ultra) So I bumped up everything. This, however, gave me the message that I'd need to restart the game for them to take effect. I decided I was okay with this as it'd give me a chance to stand up and take a break.

Once I got back the game was at the main menu again and I glanced at the customization screen, for shits and giggles. After a quick perusal I clicked the Find Match/Ready Up button, excitement beginning to fill me. The button turned green and displayed READY, with all of the player blips underneath filled. My heart began to race. I was finally going to get to play.

But...nothing happened. It sat there, ready, with nothing happening. Several minutes went by and still...nothing happened. I tried backing out but couldn't. Confused, I clicked on the match chat window. No one was talking. I typed hello but, after several minutes, no one replied. So I switched to global chat. What I saw was hilarious.

Half the chat was filled with people asking, "Wtf?", and, "Why can't I play?", and, "GG id. Loving this beta for Quake Menu 2017." (the other half was angry Russians spamming expletives)

And that was my experience with the Quake Champions beta! SUPER excited for round two![1]

[1] I actually am, but fuck that first round. What the fuck id?


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