The PS4 Slim Will Now Come With a 1 TB Hard Drive

The PS4 Slim Will Now Come With a 1 TB Hard Drive

Sony is now packing a 1 TB hard drive into every PS4 Slim.

Microsoft has been offering a 1 TB XBox One S since last year, and now Sony is matching that move by making the 1TB hard drive standard in the PlayStation 4.

The 500GB models are already seeing price cuts, with the Uncharted 4 bundle sitting at $258 on Amazon. The new hard drives will be standard on units arriving on store shelves later this month, and the price will remain at $299.

Of course, the PS4 Pro is only $100 more, and many gamers may opt for that option rather than just a bigger hard drive in a PS4 Slim. We'll have to see what effect this change has on sales.


That's...nice...I guess?
I tossed in a 4TB when I first got my slim and STILL have space.
-Even with the retarded ass install and update sizes.

When fucking DOOM is taking 40+GB, a 500GB is kind of a joke or anyone who is either going mostly digital or even just enjoying a few flash sales.

Gonna file this under, "It's about damn time". I'm feeling downright tempted to get a PS4 at this point.


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