Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Launches With No Multiplayer

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Launches With No Multiplayer


CI Games says that Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 has no multiplayer so as "not to dilute...the singleplayer experience."

Today marks the launch of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, the newest title in CI Games' sniper series. The game has been delayed multiple times, as it was originally slated to launch in January, before being delayed to April 4, and then delayed again to today. Even though the second delay was made to allow CI Games to make tweaks based on feedback from the game's open beta, there's still one thing missing: the game's multiplayer.

The multiplayer was mentioned several times as part of the game, and the season pass included a number of maps for it. But CI Games is planning to release the multiplayer later this year, rather than including it at launch.

In a statement made to Eurogamer, the studio said, "CI Games, throughout our development of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, we have had two focus [sic].

"The first is to provide the best possible single player experience in our most ambitious game in the Sniper Ghost Warrior series to date. This has always been our goal and we are extremely proud of all the work we have done, and that we share with you. The second emphasis from us is to provide regular content updates post launch, focusing on content that enhances the gaming experience.

"Therefore, we have chosen to release the multiplayer update (that will be free for our players) after launch (the third quarter of 2017) for precisely the above reasons, that is not to dilute any potential from the single player experience."

While the stated reasons may be true, there has been no statement from the company that multiplayer would not be included in the game at launch, so it's not ideal to find out on launch day that part of the game is missing. That doubly true for a game that's already been delayed twice. It remains to be seen how or if the lack of multiplayer will affect sales of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, but if you're thinking about picking it up today, be aware that you'll only be able to play alone, at least until later this year.


Unfortunate that they didn't bother to announce it wouldn't be there on launch, but I otherwise totally understand why they did it.

Modern-era military shooters aren't exactly a genre known for particularly groundbreaking multiplayer, and there's a genuine risk they could lose out on some score from reviewers due to bland multi, even if the campaign ends up great. Spec Ops The Line suffered from this, and while it isnt exactly a mil shooter, Bioshock 2 is another example of it.

I'd rather reviewers rate games where the solo campaign is the focus and the multiplayer was just tossed in as an extra solely on the merits of that solo mode, so by delaying the multiplayer launch they're just trying to make sure that's what happens


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