Bethesda is Opening Up Quake Champions to Anyone This Weekend and Next Week

Bethesda is Opening Up Quake Champions to Anyone This Weekend and Next Week


If you've missed out on the Quake Champions beta so far, you'll get your chance to check it out this weekend and next week.

The Quake Champions beta test has been going on since early April, when the beta launched to such heavy demand that the servers were overwhelmed. Since then, there have been several rounds of testing, but this weekend, Bethesda plans to open the beta up to anyone that wants to play.

The company is calling this a "large scale tech test," and it plans to have the game available from May 12 to May 21. It will not be weekends only, as the beta has been to this point. The test will also include Sacrifice Mode - a new 4v4, team-based competitive mode.

Since the Quake Champions beta began, participants have been covered by a NDA that keeps them from streaming or capturing gameplay, or discussing it publicly. When the large-scale tech test goes live, that NDA will be lifted, so you stream, capture, and talk about the game as much as you like.

All you need to do to participate is head over to the Quake Champions website and sign up for the beta. You should receive a key almost instantly. There's still no release date for Quake Champions, but when it does release, it will be free-to-play.


If it was not Bethesda I would be interested. Horrible company.

Just got done playing some of it. It's okay. It doesn't feel that much different from Quake 3, but then why wouldn't I just play that instead? The maps were certainly better. Hell, I had much more fun just screwing around in Unreal Tournament 2004 shortly after. It's really kind of hard to make a good MP arena shooter these days when it's been done much better several times before.

I do like the rocket jumping though. That was sorely missed in Doom 2016.


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