EA Delays New BioWare IP to FY 2019

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Hhmm service hu? Not so thrilled about that. Sounds like Destiny/Division stuff. Both games disappointed me.

Jamcie Kerbizz:
Lets translate this from corporate:

"The design is stunning.

Stunningly bad but who cares, customers will just bicker with eachother over it as usual. Free marketing!

Gameplay mechanics are excellent,

we have brutal in your face 'incentives' for microtransactions that are sure to rake in tons of cash

and the action will be exhilarating.

we're making a shooter cause we can't cope with RPGs anymore.

The game is built around a live service,

Game will be relient on our servers so once new project hits shelves we pull the plug and shmucks have no choice but to pull out their wallets and line up. Money!

and through our creative process, we decided to add more to the disruptive new social design for our players. To accommodate that, we are moving the launch date for this project into fiscal year '19" explained Wilson.

we need more money on marketing and time to actually start creating the game.

Sounds about right. Why do people even bother buying from EA anymore? The last game I purchased from them was NFS: Rivals Complete Edition and never looked back. Making the "reboot" online only hurt their sales, as they did not make nowhere near as much as Rivals.


That's actually a good point, I keep getting that impression too. It's almost paradoxical really, like a half-hearted collection of gameplay styles from each of the originals mashed together: combat that's halfway between 1 and 3, an improved yet worsened Mako substitute (handles better then the Mako but still feels very wonky and clumsy to me, and the lack of armaments - and inability to effectively run people over - turns field trips into plodding stop-out-shoot-loot-in repetition), just about every side-quest reduced to bog-standard fetch-quests (especially painful after all the times preview material said they were looking to Witcher 3 for deep and meaningful side-stuff) and so many goddamn pre-fab structures everywhere! I played 3 over and over and over and over again, but I can't see myself touching Andromeda after the first playthrough is done.

yeah... personally, i felt that Mass Effect was the type of series that benefited from being less open world/galaxy, not more. it needs more tight focus on the story, in my opinion.

while i do really like some of the new characters (i'm a sucker for krogans so Drack is my favorite so far, the pilot, Kallo, is adorable, Jaal is really cool so far, Vetra's pretty badass--hell, i even like Peebee), that's not enough to keep my interest. i found that i'm just not hooked by the story (so far), and i'm not sure if that'll change. i don't find the Kett particularly compelling, i'm disappointed at the recycling of the "mysterious ancient alien civilization/technology," and the whole colonization angle isn't much in the way of motivation for me. nor is the equally recycled "you, player character, are the special human that everyone's going to answer to because you're so special."

i'm still disappointed we couldn't play as an alien in the story. ):

Agreed, I can't really think of anything in Andromeda that made me go "Wow!" on account of the open world mechanics. Quite the opposite in fact, the opening up of the galaxy for exploration was ultimately pointless because scanning 50 uninhabitable worlds is boring as fuck, *and* the pacing of side-quests is made even more painful by dividing them into multiple stages of "Fly to a new world, talk to someone for 50 seconds, fly to another world, do it again".

Eeeeh, none of the new companions really grabbed me, though none earned significant ire from me; they all just felt rather similar with endless lighthearted snark regardless of how serious the situation was (sometimes quite entertaining, sometimes infuriating). I'm also in agreement that the Kett are pretty bland, even after their "shocking" plot reveal, though I do like the look and sounds of the Remnant, poor man's Geth that they are: the Architect boss battles do have a sense of epic confrontation them, especially when you scan their husks in high-orbit and they are only damaged, not destroyed. I wouldn't mind the recycling of the ancient precursor angle so much if they actually did anything with it, but nope, it's just those bloody glyph puzzles! And as for being the brand new Pathfinder, that could have real potential from stumbling into a position of enormous responsibility, without any preparation, real training or allies, forced to make impossible decisions in a hostile galaxy - but aside from Mrs Tired Face, everyone rapidly falls into line behind Ryder who can do no wrong. There's a bit where you have to make a moral choice that impacts Drack, the decision I made got him almost foaming at the mouth in rage and about to jump ship....then five minutes later we're talking like best friends again, so so much for impossible decisions!

Indeed, that could have been a far more interesting perspective to play from! Let me conquer the new galaxy as the glorious Geth Prime!

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