Devolver Digital Will Have its Own Press Conference at E3 This Year

Devolver Digital Will Have its Own Press Conference at E3 This Year

Indie publisher Devolver Digital is holding its own press conference at E3 this year.

We're used to seeing Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft, and others holding press conferences at E3, but this year there's a new face taking the stage: Devolver Digital. The indie game publisher will hold its own press conference at this year's show, it said on Twitter yesterday.

You can bet that Devolver's presser will include plenty of cool indie games, and there will probably be a few games that are a little off-the-wall. We're not sure exactly when the press conference will be held, but we'll let you know as soon as we find out.


well that was unexpected

My response to the news was pretty much the same as the one they used in their official announcement.

Props to them for that.

About time! These days anything that's some form of "radical/awesome/badass" and somewhat pixelated has DD's label behind it. And y'know what? That's awesome. I'm glad there's a publisher who focuses on small, retro-inspired experiences, and by the looks of it really seems to care about videogames as a medium to boot.

Cool, they deserve it. Definitely one of the better publishers out there given how many weird and experimental projects they're willing to get behind. They're like the Adult Swim of video games.


Sorry about that. But yeah, definitely one of the games I'm most stoked for.


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