New Friday the 13th Patch Fixes a Number of Technical Issues

New Friday the 13th Patch Fixes a Number of Technical Issues


There's a new patch for Friday the 13th on PC and Xbox One that fixes a number of the game's technical issues.

Friday the 13th has gotten a fairly good reception since it launched in late May, but pretty much everyone agrees that the game's technical issues are a barrier to enjoying it. If you haven't seen some of the weird bugs you run into, may we humbly recommend this clip from one of our recent streams on our Twitch channel. Now there's a new patch that brings the game to version 1.02, and adds a number of fixes for some known issues.

The changes in this patch include:

  • Character profiles have moved to the save file system, so Counselor Perk and Clothing selections, as well as Jason grab kill selections, will have to be re-assigned. Nothing has been lost, just moved.
  • Increased effectiveness of Jason and Counselor spawn preference options. Shuffling the possible Jason list 3x as much to help randomness.
  • Disabled inhale sound effect for breathing while in a hiding spot.
  • Made dead body stingers less obnoxious: Ignored while being pursued by Jason; 10s cooldown; Will not fire for witnessed nearby deaths.

Fixes in this patch include removing the infinite stamina glitch, fixing VoiP on Xbox One, and making Steam achievements work properly again. The patch notes do say that achievements may not update until players exit the game. The Xbox One version of the game is being moved to a "more robust matchmaking / system that will support a high number of players."

There are a bunch of other changes as well. You can find the PC patch notes in this Steam Community post. The Xbox One patch notes can be found on the game's Facebook page.


Glad they fixed the infinite stamina bug but I think there needs to be some kind of queue timer punishment or something when people just drop from the game when they realise they didn't get the 1 in 8 chance to be Jason. It's a really fun game, pretty much what I liked about Dead By Daylight but with the frustrating hook mechanics removed, you can actually fight Jason and the killer isn't a fucking joke in high tier play. A have a soft spot for asymmetrical multiplayer but it often turns out badly balanced and/or unfun for one side and F13 is the most successful attempt of it i've played so far.

Jason gets a full team wipe 60% of the time and that's absolutely fine. That's the point. If Jason was balanced to be on par with the survivors the game would be garbage. Only thing that should be potentially addressed is the Shift Grab and even then it's not too bad. When I see him start Shift I just do a 180 and leg it back to where he was because that's how you juked the Nurse in DBD since she can't change the direction of her teleport once locked in, she speeds right over your head and you get away for free. Jason gets a bit more control in Shift but he doesn't have the full 180 turn control as the survivors do.

The one thing that really pisses me off is fucking Russians, go back to DOTA Jason's Thralls just teamkilling or otherwise spoonfeeding him kills in a party to farm points when the rest of us are trying to play the game. One fuckin' zombie comes in with a bat to kill me when i'm close to exit with Jason behind me, I just stop and use my one precious gunshot to gun him down instead of shooting Jason. So much salt in me that game, don't even care that I died right after. Worth.


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