GOG.com Launches Summer Sale - Check Out The Escapist's Picks

GOG.com Launches Summer Sale - Check Out The Escapist's Picks


GOG.com has launched its biggest sale of the year, and it includes titles selected by the staff of The Escapist.

It's that time of year when PC games start to go on sale regularly, and this week, it's GOG.com serving up the deals. The online retailer is kicking off its Summer Sale today, and it runs through June 20 at 8:59 AM ET. That's two weeks of sales on over 1500 games.

When you make you first purchase during the Summer Sale, you'll also score a free copy of Rebel Galaxy. But with that many games on sale, making the decision of what to purchase can be a daunting task.

That's why we here at The Escapist have teamed up with GOG.com to bring a list of games selected by our staff, including Yahtzee Croshaw, Editor-in-Chief Josh Vanderwall, Head of Streaming John Markley, and myself. You can find our curated list of games worth playing right here: The Escapist Picks for the GOG.com Summer Sale.

GOG is also adding more games to the GOG Connect service, which allows you to claim DRM-free copies of some games that you own on Steam. All you need to do to see if you have games that qualify is head over to connect.gog.com and link your GOG and Steam accounts.

You've got two weeks to grab great deals on a slew of games, including a bunch recommended by us, so don't miss out!


I would STRONGLY recommend Neverwinter Nights if they didn't literally give it away earlier. lol

It's one of the few games that are worth getting that you can only buy on GoG.

Having said that, the sales on some of these indie titles are getting to be pretty fucking lame. And Steam is in the same boat too. Bunch of 33% off and no more for games like Starbound and Obduction, and it's been like that for a while now. C'mon guys. Seriously?

Thanks for the heads up. Yes it is nice to be able to DRM clear games by bringing them over to GOG. : ) Looking back it is amazing how much they have grown, I am very glad they are still going at it, I grabbed a bunch of the May the 4th stuff for Star Wars, hoping I will have time over the weekend to replay Academy.


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