The PS4 is Getting a Temporary Price Cut in the US for E3 Week

The PS4 is Getting a Temporary Price Cut in the US for E3 Week


If you've been waiting for the price of the PS4 to drop before you bought in, there's a temporary drop coming for E3.

Sony is planning to cut the price of the PS4 temporarily starting June 9. Speaking to USA Today, the president and global CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Andrew House, said that the company will cut the price of PS4 from $299 to $249 between June 9 and June 17.

In addition, House mentioned that there will be be additional discounts available on software and accessories, although those were not detailed.

According to House, Sony has sold 60 million PS4 units so far, and roughly one in five of those units has been a PS4 Pro. He also said that the company now has 26.4 million PS Plus subscribers.

Although some retailers, like Amazon, are already selling the PS4 at that price, it sounds like this temporary price cut will be more widespread than that.

We can expect to hear much more from Sony during its E3 press conference, which kicks off at 9 PM ET on Monday, June 12.


I take it that there won't be a price cut for the Pro...

So there's going to a price cut accessories and such, too? Think I'll pick up a new controller. One of mine is giving me issues with the left stick.

I wish the Playstation VR bundle was getting a price drop.

Might...actually be time to pick one up.

Heard about the price cut, didn't hear about it being US only... Well, good for my wallet I guess :P


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