Sniper Elite Dev Rebellion Announces Co-op Shooter Strange Brigade

Sniper Elite Dev Rebellion Announces Co-op Shooter Strange Brigade

Rebellion has announced a very British supernatural co-op shooter titled Strange Brigade.

There's a new game in the works from Sniper Elite developer Rebellion, and it will take you and up to three friends on an "exotic safari." Titled Strange Brigade, the game will take you to "remote corners of the British Empire" where you will "encounter fantastic and forgotten civilizations shrouded in mystery, uncover treacherous tombs and test your wits against unfathomable foes."

As one of four "dashing explorers," you'll use your unique weapons and superhuman powers to take the fight to an army of mythological creatures led by a resurrected Eqyptian witch queen.

There's a cinematic trailer (seen above), and a new official website for the game as well. You can sign up for updates and enter to win a copy of the game on that new site.

Rebellion is promising more information at E3 next week, including a gameplay reveal. For now, just know that you'll need some fortitude and probably plenty of tea.



It seems like they wanted to go with an adventure into 'darkest africa' like the old H Rider Haggard novels, but due to the obvious unfortunate implications of using such a setting these days have gone for a weird mix of ancient egypt and grecean mythology set in the jungle, well there's a minotaur what pops up anyway.

Looks good though, Chaos Engine popped into my head for some reason though they're not really alike.

40's Adventure Pulp Movie: The Game?

Oh yes, oh 100% yes. That's a concept I've been dying to see more of ever since the King Kong movie tie-in game. The Britishness only makes is sweeter.


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