Ubisoft is Offering Up a Free Weekend for The Division, Steep, and Trials Fusion on PC

Ubisoft is Offering Up a Free Weekend for The Division, Steep, and Trials Fusion on PC


If you want to check out The Division, Steep, or Trials Fusion on PC, you can play them for free this weekend.

If you're looking for something new to play this weekend, you can have your choice of a shooter, a skiing and snowboarding adventure, or a racing game absolutely free this weekend. Ubisoft has announced that it will offer PC gamers the chance to play The Division, Steep, and Trials Fusion completely free this weekend.

The promotion just kicked off at 12 PM ET today, and runs through June 12 at 3 PM ET. You can see the details and register for a PC Uplay account over on Ubisoft's website.

Alongside the free weekend, Ubi is also holding what it is calling the "Crazy E3 Sale." Starting today and running through Sunday, June 18, the sale offers a number of discounts on Ubi games, including Far Cry 4 for $15, Steep for $30, and Ghost Recon: Wildlands for $40.

Ubisoft will be showing off its new, upcoming titles at its E3 press conference on Monday, June 12 at 4 PM ET.


Only if I don't have to use Uplay for any of it.

Sorry, Ubisoft, I have some standards.

For those of you that use Paypal, they're also having a "$5 off your first purchase of $15 or more" deal this weekend. Not sure if it's for everyone or if they just offered it to select users, but it helped me snag the Division Season Pass for 11 bux.


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