BioShock 2: The Big Sister Revealed

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BioShock 2: The Big Sister Revealed


The world has been given its first look at the new BioShock bad guy... and it's a girl.

Confirming a rumor that had been circulating since "sources" dropped the dime a few days ago, the cover of the April issue of Game Informer features a Little Sister riding on the back of a menacing Big Sister. The Big Sister herself is much smaller than the Big Daddies of the original BioShock and presumably much faster, with a bulbous head, a big, glowing red eye and a basket mounted on her back in which the Little Sister rides.

Game Informer will devote ten pages to the upcoming game and Kotaku says more details are likely to emerge at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, running March 23 to 27. Hopefully one of the questions they'll answer is why the game has gone from Big Daddy to Big Sister instead of Big Momma. It's a big mystery.

I have no doubt that all will become clear as the game's release approaches - with some surprises held back for players to discover on their own, of course - but I don't think I care quite as much as I should. Big Daddies were a unique and tragic videogame villain but I don't see that sort of creativity in the Big Sister; I see a forced attempt at cleverness, as though someone decided the Big Daddy concept had to stay but Big Daddies themselves were no longer adequate.

Or am I being too critical, too soon?


I'm still inclined to think it's an April Fools joke since it is their April issue. Until I hear otherwise that's what I believe. Cool design though for the cover, lol.

Too critical too soon, I think.

Let's wait to hear why there are big sisters now. Perhaps another bit of experimentation? I mean, females are usually known to more fiercely guard and fight for their children then males, so we're looking at a possibly harder, stronger enemy!

Then again, I could just be pulling things out of the air and hoping they are true so that they don't ruin the name of the first game by making a sub-par, crappy, tacked-on style sequel.

Hopefully too critical too soon. Bioshock is one of my favorite games of all time and I am really looking forward to this sequel.

I wonder whether Big daddies will make a return appearance alongside the new leaner,(meaner?) Big sisters?

Big sisters just make more sense to me, because this IS a sequel.. all the data points to it being 7 years after the original. It just seems to me that it would have made sense for the older sisters of the girls who were little sisters; now placed in new homes from whenst they were kidnapped, to be the ones undergoing genetic modification. Or hell, maybe they're not the literal sisters but still the point stands.. look who ELSE survived Rapture and see I guess...

Is it just me, or does her head look like one of those GLaDOS spheres?

But anyway... Can't wait for the game, just got the Platinum trophy in Bioshock, so I'm looking for something else to occupy my non-social time.

Joy of joys. Even in the world of mechanized steampunk mutants, the women look like their wearing skintight, figure accentuating gear .

I'm calling April Fool on this.

little daddies being protected by the big sisters! that must be it! its a role swap in bioshock 2!

hmpf; positive aspect:: no *massive* titties

I can't help but think that Rapture is going to see a whole lot of retconning to make this sequel fit into the established story, and we all know how well that usually works out. Especially in BioShock, which was a solid shooter elevated by a fantastic setting and a far better story than FPS fans are used to. With, let's face it, a very clear ending.

And I'm a BioShock fan, make no mistake. Got the collector's edition, bought a new video card so I could play the game, spent time on a fan forum waiting for release, etc. So it's not like I'm standing in the OMG THIS SUX line. I just have strong reservations, and this business of "ho ho did you see what we did there we took the Big Daddy and made him a girl we so clever" isn't helping. It feels, as I said in the original post, forced.

To be honest, I originally had the same thought as WNblahblahblah, that it's an April Fool's joke. I'm still kinda hoping.

I doubt it's an April Fool's joke - the last April issue didn't have anything fake on the cover. They're too afraid of compromising their journalistic integrity to do anything like that, I think.

Anyway, I think it sounds friggin' sweet - I don't think the idea of Big Sisters sounds stupid at all. Would you rather it was just the same ol' Big Daddies? (Well, in that case, you would probably prefer that there was no sequel)

"Or am I being too critical, too soon?"

Maybe, but I can understand your position considering that Bioshock needs a sequel about as much as a horse needs a saddle.

I agree with you, I think they should have just stuck with the big daddies

Doesn't the new plot have something to do with kidnapping little girls from their homes out in the world (and potentially taking them to Rapture)? If so, I can actually see why we might see both Big Sisters and a return of Big Daddies in the second game. Big Daddies were strong, but they weren't the speediest, and sending one out on a kidnapping missions sounds, well, rather foolish. Why not design a smaller and faster (but still strong) version -- complete with cage -- to go out and grab girls?

Just speculation, but I can envision a solid story reason why they would 1) invent Big Sisters that would have nothing to do with getting rid of Big Daddies; and 2) want the Big Sisters to be similar but different to Big Daddies.

I think it's much too early to call whether this is a good idea or bad idea. Just as I can envision reasons why it might work, the reasons why it might not are multifold. Let's just wait and see.

Alright, as somebody whom didn't quite make the bus off the System Shock 2 dock, I wonder why everybody is crying about the fact that the Big Daddy's aren't present in this cover? If the lore has anything to say, it's that they made hundreds of them, and I can only guess that the 'Big Sisters' offered now could possibly be a well-armed ferry for the Little Sisters we somehow didn't find when there aren't suspiciously well-placed duct systems everywhere. I don't see why we wouldn't see the original Juggernauts wandering with their charge nearby.

The fact that these Big Sisters are displayed toting the little demon-girls (eternally creepy in its own right) suggests to me that the parts of Rapture we're going to be allowed to wander NOW won't be as open as the other side of the land.

Besides that, despite the numerous needles and serious amounts of ADAM lost, we didn't exactly determine that the last boss was completely dead last time. How are we certain that the bugger will stay down?

After all...we all thought SHODAN was fully deleted at the edge of System Shock...

Any info about this game is great. I loved the first one and I can't wait until this one arrives.

The Big Daddy certainly was an iconic game enemy, so the Big Sister has large shoes to fill.

I wish game companies stopped making sequels and do original things. Mirrors Edge for example, what ever you think of it, it was an original game, a risk.

I doubt during this credit crunch that many companies will be willing to risk such things, but I hope that once things settle economically that more would try things like Mirrors Edge.


Little sisters used a giant needle for creepiness factor, but that's been done, it won't scare us anymore. So what is Big Sister going to carry to freak us out?

IT'S A GIANT ENEMA SYRINGE! Run for your asses people!

The creation of the Big Daddies and Little Sisters required, as I recall, a fair bit of effort on the part of Ryan's scientists, and presumably the creation of a new breed of "Big" would take similar work. But Ryan and Fontaine are dead and Rapture, when last seen, was collapsing into anarchy. The only one left (that we know of) who might have the technical chops to make this happen is Tennenbaum but her commitment to setting the Little Sisters free is at odds with the idea of kidnapping them for reasons unknown.

So... what's next?

It seems to me that it would be a logical step. Think about it this way. Some guy came in a creamed the big daddies. Not only that but he made himself out to be one. If there was a a survivor down there who is still dedicated to the ideals that rapture embodies, and they were aware of what happened, they may try a different approach. Without little girls the kidnapping aspect talked about earlier would be pretty easy to introduce, yes you would need something faster and built for transport. But you would also want something that wouldn't get as easily wooped when someone came looking for these missing children. The only thing I worry about is the very clear and obvious ending. Can they really fit this new chapter into the existing story, or will it be a new trip with new issues? On top of that how can they maintain the amazing mystery that was Bioshock? One of my favorite things were the twists and turns of the story as it progressed. Here's hoping for something great.

I never got round to playing the first so im desperately trying to beg/steal/borrow it off my friends and complete it before release.
Hmmm the thing on her arm has a nozzle and valves .. and a kind of gas tank on her back ... could it be a flamethrower ???

The Big Daddy certainly was an iconic game enemy, so the Big Sister has large shoes to fill.

Thankfully it does seem she'd be doing it with her feet and not her breasts.

I'm skeptic about the Big Sisters, but then again, I know next to nothing about them.

Gotta bolt home and check my mail for this now!

Perhaps the "Big Sister" is a cybered-up Ayn Rand, and Bioshock 2 will be an allegorical commentary on the failure of the Friedmanian Chicago School model that led to the current real-world economic collapse.

Or more likely, I'm a pretentious jagoff. :-)

Hold up a sec...

Is Big Sister the steampunk mechanoid or the glowy-eyed brat in the cage?

Mystic Beef:
I never got round to playing the first so im desperately trying to beg/steal/borrow it off my friends and complete it before release.
Hmmm the thing on her arm has a nozzle and valves .. and a kind of gas tank on her back ... could it be a flamethrower ???

The Big Daddies carry the same tank, although it was less pronounced because they're so much more massive. I always took it to be part of their breathing apparatus.

And definitely beg or borrow (don't steal) a copy of BioShock and give it a run-through, it's no System Shock 2 but it's far superior to your average FPS. Crazy idea here: You could just buy it, since it's available pretty damn cheaply these days. Whatever you do, if you're a shooter fan you don't want to miss it.

Is Big Sister the steampunk mechanoid or the glowy-eyed brat in the cage?

The steampunk mechanoid... or is it? (It is, but I like your fresh approach. That's an interesting idea.)

Hold up a sec...

Is Big Sister the steampunk mechanoid or the glowy-eyed brat in the cage?

"a Little Sister riding on the back of a menacing Big Sister"
Read the OP before commenting.

kukuku ^^:

Hold up a sec...

Is Big Sister the steampunk mechanoid or the glowy-eyed brat in the cage?

"a Little Sister riding on the back of a menacing Big Sister"
Read the OP before commenting.

Normally do, but this topic also popped up elsewhere on the forum first, and that thread said the one in the cage was the big sister, and didn't give a name for the mechanoid.

One: I told you all it was a genetically spliced groaning wretch in a suit (i.e. Bid Daddy or variant hithero of), I told you! But mostly just in my head.

Two: I can live with it. Yes, Big Daddies were iconic, but it's not like we're killing them by introducing a Big Sister; certainly I see most older sisters as equally if not more so over-matriarchal in the style of the fathers of teenage daughters. And she looks pretty hawt, if you give the time to mentally undress her from that large pressurized life support system slash death machine.

Shouldn't they be called Big Mama's instead of big sisters? it just makes more sense that way, and still fit's in with the Big Daddy name.

awww there goes my theory that the protagonist of the first game was running around with his big daddy helmet nicking children still, its too early to judge what these big sisters are going to be like. Also I wonder which ending from the first came it will follow on from, is Jack really gone and dead or is he plotting to do nasty things with nuclear warheads oooh the suspense

I think it would be interesting to fight a slimmed down Big Daddy. I can see my frustration now :P

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