God of War's E3 Trailer Shows Off Combat, a Sea Monster, and More

God of War's E3 Trailer Shows Off Combat, a Sea Monster, and More

The rebooted God of War had a strong showing at E3 last night with a new gameplay trailer that features a giant sea monster.

If there's one game you knew would make it into Sony's show last night, it was the upcoming Norse reboot of God of War. Although it didn't close out the show, it made a memorable appearance in a trailer that showed off gameplay, combat, and even had a sighting of a giant sea serpent.

The sea monster, which the boy calls "The World Serpent," is very likey Jörmungandr, the mythological child of Loki. It is said to be large enough to encircle the world and grab its own tail, and when it releases it, Rangnarok (the apocalypse in Norse mythology) will begin. Could Kratos be the bringer of the apocalypse? It would certainly fit his past personality.

There's still no firm release date for God of War, but the trailer says we can expect it in "early 2018."


If Jormungandr wants to help Kratos, he's likely partnering with Loki (who I think we hear in the trailer) to kill Odin and either usher in Ragnarok, or replace him. I still really like the theory that Kratos and his son will be taking the place of Odin and Thor

I'm actually really interested on this one. Hope they don't screw it up.

It's a bit unsettling that even God of War is going the "look how hard I'm struggling to be a good daddy" route. Oh well.


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