Patent Troll Ready to Sue World of Warcraft, Second Life

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does this guy have some kinda brain damage or does he actually think he was the first person to think up the idea of mmog's?

I am so geting the copyright on sound.

Blizzard need to just place a simple statement on the front page of Wow's site.

'Thom Kidrin wishes to destroy WOW in its entirety, and although we know he lives at this address and works here between these times, having had him watched, we certainly would not condone any slightly unhinged addict who felt threatened taking things into his own hands.'

this isn't like Lovecraft suing Stephen King, this is more like BradyGames, the makers of videogame guide books, suing Dan Brown for using their concept of printing words on paper and selling them, whilst not saying a damn thing until he releases the Da Vinci Code and actually has enough to make it worth suing.

I just finding it harder and harder to think of a suitable justice system. Lawyers are corrupt fuckers just trying to drag out cases to make more money, judges seem to either be clueless, out of touch, or completely senile, and juries...well, they're the public, and we all know how good at decision making THEY are.

'Hey, he's suing some forun guy, we don' like foruners, so they're guilty!'

Thom Kidrin should go play in traffic.


I wholeheartedly agree, friend.

All I hear from Kidrin is "QQ I missed the money train."

Kidrin says he doesn't want to put anyone out of business, he's simply after proper licensing fees for what he feels is rightfully his intellectual property.

Yes, and I'm sure the massive massive sums of money MMOs rake in has NOTHING to do with this sudden decision right?

...Mr. Kidrin?

I also remember chasing my friend at 8 with pointed fingers and shouting 'BANG!'

EA owe me SO much money for the Medal of Honour series.

WTS [Formula: Enchant Weapon - Patent Troll Slayer], 5000g or near offer PST

ok, ppl! you know the drill. grab your torches and pitchforks, and lets hunt down this mother f*cker

This just in! The author of Neuromancer comes back from the dead and sues this dickhole.

This is one of the main reasons I'm against all these bullshit copyright laws. It works against its purpose and ends up stifling competition, and turns all art forms into corporate battles, adding middle men where they don't belong. It's all just bullshit.

Patenting an idea is a ridiculous thing. MMOs owe NONE of their success to this douche bag and he doesn't deserve a dime, though I wouldn't be surprised if he gets some money. Inventions become successful because of proper marketing and implementation, not simply because they were conceived. There is virtually no idea that is an instant sell, and there are many inferior ideas that sell very well.

Just look at the iPod. That was not the first MP3 player, and it wasn't the best, and it still is far from the best. But it's the implentation and the marketing where it really succeeds. It's viewed as the best - or at least the most convenient. But does the guy who sat on his ass 20 years ago thinking "hey, what if I made a digitized music player with a spinning wheel" deserve money for something he had no role in making successful? Why should the inventor do none of the work and have none of the risk, but still be compensated?

if they had the rights since 1995 , then why are they now starting a lawsuit?

My thoughts exactly.

Can we, like, kill him or something? Is that a legal option available to us? Any lawyers here?

Can we, like, kill him or something? Is that a legal option available to us? Any lawyers here?

To hell with the legal matters, it'd be the RIGHT thing to do.

If he had this idea since 1995, and sat on his ass and did NOTHING whilst these other companies went out and created their MMO's, he doesn't deserve a damn, bloody, cent.

People like him are parasites, leeches on our society.

Me: Hello, is this Mr. Thom Kidrin
Kidrin: Yes, this is he
Me: Mr. Kidrin, this is the Real World calling to let you know that your subscription ran out and YOU ARE NO LONGER IN TOUCH WITH FUCKING REALITY.

Honestly, what has the world come to? "Intellectual Property"? What a highly pretentious and self important term that is. It basically means "I thought of it first but didn't think to patent it." Kidrin is a moron. We all know this. It's only after 12 million people started paying 15 bucks a month for WoW that he decides to sue, on top of the other millions playing assorted other MMOGs. I guess we just have to settle for the fact that he didn't get the memo that he missed the proverbial money train. He just wants a slice now because Blizzard can basically just print money because they make so much.

OK, calm down guys. You clearly have little understanding of the world of IP and patent law. I know I wish I didn't have even the knowledge I do, it is rather tedious, and seems to mainly be an excuse to keep lawyers in jobs.
This guy isn't claiming to have thought the idea up. What he has done though is buy a company which apparently submitted a patent in 1995, which has never been acted on.
Now, the salient points for the defence will be:
1. Was the patent application valid in the first place? The lawyers will pick it apart, and any minor details that are wrong can render it invalid.
2. Prior Art- does, for instance, the work of William Gibson count as prior art? This is far from clear cut.
3. Prior art- were there any 3D virtual worlds around before the date of the patent application?
4. Does "but in 3D!" count as a real "innovative step" over a 2D virtual world, or can it be argued that it was an inevitable direction the technology would proceed in?

Many, many approved patents are in fact junk. Often, the only way to find this out is in fact for someone to infringe one, and for the patent holder (who may not be the original inventor- after all, if I invent something at work, my employer gets all the rights) to try and sue for infringement.

Clearly, the previous owner of these rights never felt it worth pursuing. Perhaps there's a clue there.

Some damn greedy people in this world.

If this man succeeds, every MMO player on the face of the earth will be thinking about buying tickets to Texas. Some will.

Mr Kidrin, buy a gun. Several guns. [/humorous but sensible advice]

I wish that parasitic idiots like this man would stop abusing the legal system.


I hate these patent trolls beyond belief. I understand what these intellectual property laws mean but you can't just file a patent. I really don't mind if it's a specific patent like the levelling system's mechanics but something this large and broad is ridiculous. That's like suuing every RPG publisher because you had the idea to transfer the mechanics of PnP games to a computer screen. it's just stupid. this guy should get no money, i hope he loses. He should work for his money not steal it.

I doubt it'll work, i mean everyone knows blizzard equips their lawyers with armours with the highest defence ratings for times like this.
Blizzard wont fear any critical damage.

Alternatively, it could simply be argued that 2D virtual worlds have been around for ages and that moving onto taking that extra dimension was a matter of time.

if they had the rights since 1995 , then why are they now starting a lawsuit?

so he could make more money

if they had the rights since 1995 , then why are they now starting a lawsuit?

Probably didn't need the money, or realise how much money he could make from it.

Some patents are truly ridiculous. He holds a patent for virtual worlds to be used in multiplayer? That's like holding a patent to being able to write about spaceships in science fiction. It is just retarded. There is no way that this guy should be able to sue and win.

If he truly has a patent for this, then he isn't at fault - he's clearly greedy, yes, but it is the fault of the companies he is planning to sue for not ensuring that they are in the clear legally.

If you were to try and patent a virtual world now, you'd be laughed at, but I suspect that in 1995 it was perfectly fine for him to patent this. After all, in 1995 there weren't huge businesses making profit off of subscriptions to MMOs.

Thus, whilst he is indeed being a tad ridiculous, it is well within his rights - providing he does truly have the patent - to sue.

Of course, his patent may in fact be riddled with loopholes, but to say that 'intellectual property' has no value is...well, kind of depressing to me.

If this man succeeds, every MMO player on the face of the earth will be thinking about buying tickets to Texas. Some will.

Mr Kidrin, buy a gun. Several guns. [/humorous but sensible advice]

Yup, better be spending that money on extra security. I'm sure I remember stories about someone in the far east killing someone over some sort of MMO based dispute. Probably complete made up garbage, but maybe not...are you willing to risk it Mr Kidrin? What if it stops these companies supporting their products? Shutting down the servers? Hordes of pissed off gamers, who's one purpose in life you have taken away, out for your blood. Unstoppable killing machines with nothing left to sir, are doomed.

And the patent goes to.... (drum roll) Sci-Fi authors! I dont know who was first, but the idea of "virtual world" dates back almost to the date of the invention of first computer and associated Sci-Fi novel.
Long story short - this guy can go suck a sock.

Well, William Gibson's Neuromancer at least.

He should've patented clumsily ripping off the lamest parts of D&D. Then he'd have the entire RPG genre by the balls.

-- Alex

This is why I'm a card carrying member of the Pirate party.

For the right price, I will take anyone to Texas to this guys house. I'm sure all you'll want to do is chat with him, right?

wts retard alert

People can sue for anything these days, a convicted murderer sued a jail guard because he laughed at him when he broke his fingernail, he said it caused emotional damage, and he won! If this goes thru and wins, then people won't be making mmogs anymore!

This is absolutely ridiculous.

They should make a law that if a lawsuit is found to be frivolous, the lawyers should be fined a percentage of the level of stupid. I tell ya, that would stop a lot of shit from wasting the justice system's time. And, more importantly, it would make me feel better. ;-)

Why would he wait this long to start suing? 3D MMOs have been around for a long time now.

It's called Patent Camping. You invent something clever, patent it, then sit on it until somebody creates something similar, then go "OMG copy!" and sue them.

We really need to reduce the amount of patent trolls and lawyers in the world.

There is no way this patent is enforceable. William Gibson had "The Net" in his novels way back in the 80s, I also remember reading many other cyberpunk genre novels with this concept dating back to the late 70s and early 80s. If they win, these authors could sue for copyright infringement too. Besides that, if you don't sue to protect your patent within a certain amount of months of discovering the infringement, they dismiss the case and there is simply no way these people have never heard of EQ or WoW.

Hey if this succeeds I'm going to sue bill gates for being a billionaire nerd something I thought of when I was younger! That makes just as much sense. Hey maybe the makers of pong should sue EVERYONE for ripping off the idea of using computers as entertainment.

What a crock of shit they didn't rip off any of his ideas and he knows it. So what we have to give credit to everyone who ever might have thought of anything?

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