Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Standalone Release is Confirmed, Coming to PS4 Tomorrow

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Standalone Release is Confirmed, Coming to PS4 Tomorrow

Activision has confirmed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is getting a standalone release on PS4 tomorrow, with other platforms to follow.

We've heard plenty of rumors that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered would get a standalone release this summer, and last Friday, Activision made it official. The updated version of one of the most popular shooters of all time will be released for PS4 tomorrow, July 27.

This version will include the full campaign and all 16 multiplayer maps that were included in the version packed into CoD: Infinite Warfare. Starting tomorrow, there's also a new Call of Duty "Days of Summer" event kicking off. It's a five-week celebration that will offer up in-game giveaways, events for extra XP, and new playlists across multiple titles. This will also include a brand-new summer-themed map for Modern Warfare Remastered that will be available throughout the event.

What this version will not include is the Variety Map Pack that was released in March of this year. That pack brought back four maps from the original game: Broadcast, Chinatown, Creek and Killhouse, and also included 10 Rare Supply Drops.

While Activision has said the standalone release for PC and Xbox One will be coming later, it hasn't offered up any specifics as to when that will happen. If you're looking to pick up the PS4 version, you can get it digitally or at retail tomorrow for $39.99. If you want the aforementioned Variety Map Pack, it will run $14.99.


Nows a good time for a chorus of 'too little too late'.

And theyre still selling the DLC for it. Pfft.

Just a reminder to everyone, the original Call of Duty 4 is still on Steam and it's $9.99 at the moment.

It has all the maps in it already.
It has no Microtransactions.
It has the capacity to run dedicated, custom and private servers.
It can run custom games and is mod friendly.
Graphical mods that bring it up to the remastered edition standard and beyond are available for free.
It will run on a toaster.

Did I mention that it's $9.99 right now?

If you really want to play Call of Duty 4, come and join in on Call of Duty 4, it's much better than the re-release.

It costs how much? And you have to pay for maps?


Thats extortionate. Id have bought it for 20 quid.

$40 huh? Too bad. I would have played it if it was only $20. Guess I'll wait for a sale or something. please don't reward Activision for their shameless greed, easily excited consumer mounds, they will only keep pushing otherwise.

Sony: "Pwease Activision, PWEASE can we keep it furst for a wittle bit longerrrr?"

Seriously, isn't the remaster already available on PC and Xbox One? Why does the standalone have to wait on those platforms. Is it another one of those god awful deals to lockout content temporarily for other platforms?

Also it isn't "July" yet. Don't push time faster than it's already rushing by me.


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