Watch Dogs 2 Will Add Four Player Co-op in Update Next Week

Watch Dogs 2 Will Add Four Player Co-op in Update Next Week

Watch Dogs 2 is bringing four-player co-op play to its mean streets next week.

Watch Dogs 2 got some new multiplayer content back in April with the Showd0wn PvP mode, and next week, Ubisoft plans to add more. The 1.16 update, which is due out on July 4, will bring four-player co-op to the game.

This update was originally planned as paid DLC, but Ubi is launching it next week as a free addition to the game. As you can see in the trailer above, you'll be able to roam the map with your friends, and try out three new game modes, "Hacking Invasions," Bounty Hunter," and "Armored Truck." You can also just run around and cause chaos, if that's your thing.

What your little group of four won't be able to do is play the game's two-player co-op missions. On the plus side, you can still invade other people's games as a group.

If you want to see everything in the patch, including the special Fourth of July content, you can check out the patch notes on the official Watch Dogs 2 website.


Quick, someone buy the game so the 3 people that still play it can have a full crew!


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