New Agents of Mayhem Trailer Features Johnny Gat as Magnum P.I.

New Agents of Mayhem Trailer Features Johnny Gat as Magnum P.I.

Agents of Mayhem is channeling Magnum P.I. with it newest trailer, and of course Johnny Gat is playing Tom Selleck.

We've already seen Volition channel Knight Rider in its promotion for Agents of Mayhem, and as was teased at the end of the previous trailer, the company is now putting Johnny Gat into another 80s TV show: Magnum PI.

In addition to brief glimpses of Gat, you can also see plenty of other agents and their toys, including the Cabbit Bomb, which apparently turns all your enemies into rabbits. Yeah, this won't be weird at all.

You'll find Agents of Mayhem on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on August 15. If you're looking for more in-game weirdness, there's sure to be another trailer soon.


Hey Volition... uh..,

you know...umm...

Saints Row 2 was great, still IS great in a way... um...

So could you just, you know... uh... make that again again with, uh better graphics and controls, and maybe add in a couple of new things like-


Fun as this game looks, still won't buy it for about a year after release.

I know you, Volition/Deep Silver. You'll keep releasing snippets of DLC for a while that will cost twice as much as the game, then you'll just release a definitive edition a while later for 40 dollars that will become 5 or 10 on a steam sale. Well, I can be patient.

Ok, that's it Volition. You've lost your cocaine privileges. C'mon now, hand it all back. Don't make it any harder than needs to be.

If only I didnt have lost all interest in this game at this point.


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