Brief Battles Lets you Take On Your Friends Using Superpowered Underwear

Brief Battles Lets you Take On Your Friends Using Superpowered Underwear

Pull on your strongest underwear and take on your friends in Brief Battles, the new 2.5D platform fighter.

Did you ever think that what sort of underwear you have on would determine how you do in a platform fighter? That's the premise of Brief Battles, a new 2.5D game from Australian indie developer Juicy Cupcake.

Announced in a press release full of underwear and butt puns, the game puts you up against your friends, and lets you put on many different types of underpants to gain new abilities to take them out with.

The developer says that Brief Battles will offer a "butt load" of game types, including free for all, team fights, and more. "Hold the Gold" challenges you to keep a pair of golden briefs on as your opponents try to take them away, and there are single-player wave modes, practice stages, and more.

"Brief Battles' jovial premise is an open invitation for any group to enjoy playful clashes and unite through a shared passion for couch gaming platform fighters," said Andrew Freeth, co-founder of Juicy Cupcake in the press release. "With a wealth of match types, arena styles and power-ups, there will be ample opportunity to spar with an array of quirky briefs during any game night."

Brief Battles is coming to PC and Xbox One in Q1 of 2018.



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