Stargate Worlds Studio Sued For Unpaid Bills

Stargate Worlds Studio Sued For Unpaid Bills


Stargate Worlds developer Cheyenne Mountain has been slapped with a lawsuit over unpaid bills, another piece of bad news for the troubled MMOG.

The company has been sued by Arizona-based data center IO Capital Princess LLC for an "unpaid open account," according to Dollar amounts aren't listed but anything more than whatever's in the coffee fund will be bad news for Cheyenne, which revealed near the end of 2008 that it was running out of money and was seeking "additional sources of funding."

"We have always been upfront with the media and our fans that we are a start-up," Cheyenne's Kevin Balentine said at the time. "Like many start ups, we face the same cash-flow issues that all pre-revenue companies face." Unlike many start-ups, however, Stargate Worlds doesn't have the backing of a deep-pocketed publisher who can afford to keep development rolling until the game is released.

At one point last year Cheyenne couldn't even pay its own employees, a situation reflected in the grimly humorous site "" which kept a running total of how long employees at the company had gone without money. The site is currently up to 124 days, although whether it's actually been three months since they've been paid or the site has just been forgotten is unclear.

We've contacted Cheyenne Mountain for comment and will follow up when we can.

Source: GamesIndustry


Lots of bad news for these guys. I was always interested in see how this game ended up. Here's to hoping it gets finished.

I hope they can release this game...

I hope a financial backer could see the worth of such a title. I would...

Were games treated more seriously, MGM (Sony, Comcast & TPG) would have put cash into this venture when needed.
Now it's a parody, the design and execs convinced they so much need to go WoW that they use badly proportioned humanoids. People don't get paid for the work they put into the game, yet I'm sure this wasn't part of the deal.

I miss the old FPS they were making, I'm not sure how the MMO will work out in a World of Warcraft-dominated market.

Apparently this testicular cancer I developed wasn't enough. Ancients save Stargate Worlds.

"We can only hope that this will be the last footwear to fall."

My concern is that even if CME is able to get the game out, by the time it happens it'll be too late to inspire any interest even among Stargate fans. I liked the original series and watched my share of Atlantis too but the show ends and the years pass and my interest in all things Stargate slow fades. I really do hope it works out, I think Stargate has the potential to be an incredibly fertile MMOG setting, but the longer this drags on the harder I think it's going to be to pull it off successfully.

Just a quick note to follow up: I dropped a line to FireSky's marketing man Kevin Balentine and, through him, got a reply from president and CEO Tim Jenson. The company can't comment on pending litigation (I get that answer from everyone) but with regards to the future of the game itself, they're still working on it.

"We are pursuing several financing deals that will allow us to complete and publish Stargate Worlds and our other projects as well as pay our vendors and suppliers," Jenson said. "The crisis has hit our economy hard, but we are confident that we will turn the corner and be back stronger than ever."

thats just terrible

they should go on strike

i hope no employees are actually reading this >.<

Why must Stargate be cursed when it comes to video games!? It pisses me off to no end as Stargate is one of the few shows or just pieces of none game media that can translate perfectly into game form. The possibilities for games are huge but there is always something that comes along and fucks it up in some way. I still have not got over the Stargate: Alliance BS that happened a while back. I really hope for all of stargates suffering, this MMO comes out and turns out to be great. I don;t care if it's not a WOW killer, just be GOOD and successful on it's own.


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