Ken Levine Says He's "Not Involved" In BioShock 2

Ken Levine Says He's "Not Involved" In BioShock 2


Despite earlier statements to the contrary, BioShock Creative Director Ken Levine says he is "not involved" with the development of BioShock 2.

Development of BioShock 2 was transferred from the 2K Boston studio to the newly-formed 2K Marin operation amid rumors on the Surfer Girl blog suggesting the move was made at least in part because a significant number of employees who worked on the original game were "sick of Ken" and "did not want to work with [him] ever again." But when he announced the sequel, Take-Two CEO Ben Feder said Levine was "critical to BioShock" and was in fact working on BioShock 2 as well a separate IP at 2K Boston, although his actual role remained unclear.

But Levine himself now says that while he's "excited" about the new BioShock title, he's actually not involved in it at all. "Right now I am focused on making our next big project at 2K Boston," he said in the most recent issue of Game Informer, which also has the first look at the upcoming sequel. "While I'm not involved in BioShock 2, I'm really excited to see what the talented team at 2K Marin, some of whom worked on the original BioShock, comes up with. I can't wait to play it."

BioShock 2 Creative Director Jordan Thomas described Levine's non-involvement as "voluntary," although he very diplomatically added that the door hadn't been closed on the BioShock creator entirely. "He's not substantially involved in BioShock 2, but we all have a ton of respect for him and learned a lot," he said.

If Levine isn't involved with BioShock 2 then the obvious question becomes, what is he up to these days? Aside from playing a ton of Left 4 Dead, Resistance 2 and Warhammer Online, Levine appears to be gearing up for a big project at 2K Boston with at least some ties to the studio's earlier releases. Rumors about either an X-Com revival or System Shock 3 have been persistent and while Levine's lips are sealed, confirmation of either would go a long way toward helping gamers forgive and forget his absence from BioShock 2.

Source: CVG


if the playing as big daddy killing other big daddies plot is true, I think he can only be glad he aint involved (jumping to conclusions months before game release ftw)

Lol they were sick of him?

I can imagine the Audio tape....

Mr.Levine:"Add more dripping water to that drainpipe"
Dev: "..Please...I have been working all night on the OTHER drainpipe"
Mr.Levine: "PARASITE! A man chooses a SLAVE obeys...OBEY!"
Dev: "I have had it!"
Mr.Levine: "*Sigh* Would you kindly keep working on that Drainpipe?"

Well I'm official completely and totally skeptical about this game until it's release/demo.
Playing as a big daddy? Escort missions?

Color me uninterested.

I agree with Baby Tea, I've never been a fan of escort missions. To much of a hassle.

Agreed Tea, they'll probably be some plot twist where you lose your sister or something and armor.

System Shock 3? Think I just jizzed my pants.

If that is announced I doubt anyone would still care about the next Bioshock (obvious exageration)

they got sick of him...

Please, let this game be good... I don't need Bioshock's rep as a game series to go down in my mind due to all the strange news out recently...

No Levine? Well then there goes any hope of Bioshock2 being anything like Bioshock1. I wonder how bad this is going to get fucked up. ( Of course you are going to get sick of your boss, the devs need to get over their problems with authority and quit whining about how they were forced to make a good game.)

They still have most of the original development team working on the sequel so I'm not too worried.

Hope shield is holding at 35%, cap'n! And the optimism inducers have had their polarity reversed! I cannae hold 'er, cap'n!

Remember when Warren Spector got overruled by the dev team on Deus Ex: Invisible War?

"Well then there goes any hope of Bioshock2 being anything like Bioshock 1."

Tell me again, how much of BioShock is specifically his vision?

Damn... if he had to bug them to the point of them hating him for that sub-par game Bioshock to be made, I hate to thing what they're doing without him.

i no ur saying that they have to put up with the leaders adn i understand that, but, not knowing him before just now, he does sound like an arse to work with.

i know that looking ahead is good but it sounds like he sets them up with an idea and runs off to do another rather than overseeing the first ones development.

looking up a the arcticle again i cat see what i was going to quote, maybe i read it wrong *facepalm*

Well, I did some digging on Mr. Levine, to no avail. Probably pointless to try to get the real insider story as to what the issues were and why he's disliked.

All I can do is look at the end product: Bioshock.

The fact he's not at the helm for Bioshock2 is, therefore, worrying . . . .

i no ur saying that they have to put up with the leaders adn i understand that, but, not knowing him before just now, he does sound like an arse to work with.

Maybe he lies to employees too, and not just customers?


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