The State of Escapist Magazine - September 2019

Hey folks,

Hope you all had a good month. Things have been moving a bit slower behind the scenes here this past month as the Summer wraps up and we prep for the crazy time that is the end of the year in the games / entertainment industries.


First off, I mentioned in our previous update that R&P would be returning in some form. This is still the case, but we're dubbing this new forum "Current Events". The mod team and I will have more news to share on this soon as we're still prepping the rule-set for it and how we want to manage it. I will not be answering any questions about it in this thread, you can ask your questions when we're ready to talk more about it.

Today is also Kyle Gaddo's last day as Community Manager here on Escapist. I want to thank him for the work he did in keeping everything in check here and across our social media pages. Please wish him well on his future endeavors.

For the next little bit until we get a new lead community manager in place, I will be your main point of contact for forums related issues.

That's the updates I have for the forums right now. As I mentioned, please save your questions for when we talk more about the Current Events forum in the next couple weeks. This includes speculation on it in this thread.

I'd also like to make sure this thread doesn't devolve into discussing politics. These updates are to garner feedback for the general state of things on Escapist and our content. The feedback is quite helpful, so please stick to that for these threads.


As I've gotten settled into my role as Editor in Chief here on Escapist, we've spent the last couple months experimenting with lots of different content and that's going to continue for the next little bit as I find what works and what doesn't with our audience.

Starting this month, we'll be leaning very heavily into original content again. I've had the team cover quite a bit of news for the last little bit, which is outside the norm for the Escapist, to get a general idea of what kind of topics draw the most interest.

If you've paid any attention to the homepage, it's still painfully obvious that people come to The Escapist not for the news that every other site can bring you, but for the personalities, smart criticism and interesting topics that lead to fun discussions. I've gotten emails lately that people are scared that content is going away, but that's not the case at all, I'm just testing the waters with some of the stuff we're doing at the moment before committing to new series that we might have to drop because of a lack of attention soon after launching.

So here's what's coming this month:

We just released the first episode of our Insurgency Documentary Series. You can watch it now right here:

The next two episodes will release on Monday, September 9th and Monday, September 16th at Noon EST. I hope you'll give this content a look as our Lead Media Producer, Omar Ahmed, and I spent a lot of time putting this all together!

Darren Mooney, who has been writing a lot of op-eds for us on movies and TV shows, will be starting up a new column series that will be published every Monday and Friday focusing on a wide-range of topics in the movie and TV space.

Later this week we'll also be testing the waters with a new games focused columnist that will be writing about unique gaming experiences, and breaking down specific parts of games that are maybe going unnoticed.

If you missed it in our previous update, Shamus Young, has recently put his column on hold to focus on some other projects, so that's why you haven't seen Experienced Points in a while.

Throughout this month we will also be publishing all sorts of cool interviews as well ranging from checking out cool new upcoming games to an interview with an indie developer working on some super advanced physics tech in games, and plenty more.

Lastly we're very close to launching a new games focused YouTube series with a new personality here on Escapist. We're getting the intro episode ready now which will intro the personality and the title of the series.


We're working on quite a few things behind the scenes that I think you'll all be excited about.

We're heading out to film our next documentary on a highly popular indie game in two weeks. Not ready to announce just yet, but we think you'll definitely be excited when we finally let you know what it is. The only hint I can give you right now is that it's a very stressful project.

Almost immediately after that we're heading out to work on another new series that we're dubbing "Cover Stories" for now. I can't reveal who the first subject is yet, but if you like what Game Informer does with their big cover story each month, we think you'll be interested in what we're doing. This project will feature a big written component featuring interviews and a hands-on session and on top of that, we'll be filming a mini-doc to tell the human angle side of the story so that these aren't just "hype" or "fluff" pieces, but telling real stories about cool new games and the people behind them.

A few other things we're starting to plan out is bringing back the podcast which will have a video component, a TV focused YouTube series and more streams. Lots of planning is going into all this stuff and we'll stagger it out so we don't get overwhelmed with the content ourselves and can scale up smartly.

There's exciting times ahead for The Escapist, I think. I will be continuing to communicate with all aspects of our community as we move forward.

If you have questions or suggestions about our content, I'd love to hear your feedback and find out more about what you'd like to see from The Escapist.

Until next time,

Nick Calandra
Editor in Chief

Nick Calandra:
Today is also Kyle Gaddo's last day as Community Manager here on Escapist.

I swear that position must be cursed.


Nick Calandra:
Today is also Kyle Gaddo's last day as Community Manager here on Escapist.

I swear that position must be cursed.

Nope, he just moved on to do something new.

Just want to hammer home that keeping us informed is much better and more re-assuring than not. I always feel way more assuaged when those in charge keep reminding us they are still here and paying attention.

New Current Events forum is going live tomorrow.


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