State of Escapist - December 2019

Hi folks,

First of all, apologies for neglecting to post a Nov 2019 update. End of the year has been crazy for us and keeping up with everything hasn't been easy! We also didn't have much to write about last month, so there's that too.


With 2020 around the corner I wanted to pop in and let you know that things have been going quite well the past month! We've had some traffic woes thank to Google changing something and not telling us about it, but we're trending back upward again which is great to see.

If you didn't know, Jack Packard recently joined up with us and has been producing a new show called UnderDeveloped. It's sorta a grab bag show focused on video games with little hints of comedy in there. People seem to like it so we made it a new weekly series on Escapist airing every Monday at Noon Eastern.

Darren's In the Frame column has been quickly gaining popularity as well! Every Monday and Friday he writes up some great thoughts on recent pop culture stuff and it's only getting better and better. Lots of mostly great conversations in those pieces too, even if it's about Star Wars (I know).

You guys have been waiting patiently for updates on the new forums stuff. I was hoping to have it ready for January, but with our parent company going through a merger, and getting more organized, it's slowed that down a bit. As soon as they give me the go ahead, I'll be building it out on Xenforo software and making sure to consult our longtime users here for what kind of features you want and such. Can't promise everything will be compatible or doable, but you'll provide a hand in the creation of the new forums.

My goal is to have those ready before the end of Q1 2020. I'll keep pressing Enthusiast on getting us what we need to make it happen. Thanks for your continued patience on that.

Other things we have coming in 2020:

Darkest Dungeon documentary. Expecting to release this around March.

A new Escapist show.

Some updates to how Escapist operates. I'll be able to provide more details about this soonish, but I'm really excited about it.

New columns.

More community events.

We've had a great end of the year on the site and I'm loving that people are really starting to enjoy the revival effort.

Thanks for your support and I'll see you back here in January.

Thanks for the update. I just wanted to say it now because I forgot about this subforum until today.


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