New Code of Conduct

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It's more a violation of the principles of the "content and communication" part of the CoC than a specific rule. If everybody posted single word replies to a thread then it would make discussion somewhat difficult, to say the least.



No they've asserted their right to full power and to dictate what is right and what is wrong with this new COC as I've experienced firsthand and come to terms with.

Their true position holds that this is a privately owned forum that is privately moderated, anything they take offence with goes, any extra inflictions on the banning system or bypassing of threat levels goes because it's their perogative.

Not trying to make the staff seem like the bad guys, I think it's just better to be matter of factly about it and state it outright then to shirk around and discuss it.

Ok, let's go over your moderation record then in a matter of fact way, and be outright about it.

You have 4 warnings followed by one three day ban.

Two warnings for inflammatory posts to provoke other users, another warning for insulting other users, and a final warning for flaming another user. This is neither unjust nor excessive.

Nor was the a three day ban for flaming people, including a staff member and stating that they should be fired.


Not trying to make the staff seem like the bad guys

... Clearly.


Please see this section of the Code of Conduct:-

Neither the Escapist staff nor moderation team is to be used as a punching bag for you to vent your frustrations. If you have a problem with moderation or the rules, there is an appeals system in place for that.

A usernote related to this has been placed on your account, which may be taken into account should you violate the CoC again in the future.

Actually my health meter was at 2, I then got a double warning strike, probation and suspension all in one go.

That's arbitrary my friend.

You've proven my point by warning me for this again, I was being very matter of fact.

You don't even notice it when someone is so blatant about it.

And the first warnings are sometimes also discutable here so yes you can go over all of my offences but that doesn't give a clean view of site policy and anyway the fact that you're still trying to dodge it whilst I was being polite about it is rude in and off itself.

If you want me off this site so bad I'll go.

Maybe you should consider what you're doing before you do it.

The combination of large scale failure, and increasingly arbitrary moderation seems like an odd and fatal one. Has the degree to which you need more than you are needed, ever been more obvious to everyone?

Oh for pete's sake.

A) There's an appeals system available to you if you disagree with moderator actions and the consequence of that system is the final say. This is not an appropriate forum to disagree with those actions in.

B) You've been here four days, Dgezar, being generous about what time of day you signed up. So you're not really in a position to make those comments. It will be a shame if things fall apart, but what was happening before obviously wasn't working and it's better to make the attempt.

This thread was created to allow for constructive feedback on the CoC. There has been some good feedback, some of which has been actioned. At this point, rather than allow the mild amnesty to continue to be abused as a means to generate drama-lamas, I'm going to lock it.

Thank you all for your feedback, please direct any further questions to one of your neighbourhood moderators :)

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