Hitman Collector's Edition Giveaway - PC and XBox One

So we're cleaning out the office and still have a PC and XBox One copy of the Collector's Edition of Hitman!

Well, we want to give these away to two lucky members of our community, so starting today until Friday (April 8th), simply reply to this post and state which version you want (can only be one version), then send me a private message of your home address. This way when we announce the winner, we can send it to you right away. (We don't have time to dilly dally)

Saturday, I'll announce the winners of each version and the copies of the game will be sent to the address you gave me first thing Monday.

It doesn't matter what you post. Anything within the confines of the Code of Conduct will be fine. It's also a random drawing that goes on posts made. Each post is considered one entry, and you may only enter once! Any additional posts made will be deleted.

*Sorry, Mods, you're exempt*

PC copy please. I wonder why I never seen you before. Cool profile pic.

EDIT: Nevermind, checked it out and confirmed it would run on 8.1.

I'd like to be entered for the PC version please.

Since you need an address i guess its a physical copy. In which case, do you ship to europe or that is too expensive for a giveaway?

PC version pls

Taco needs his fiber-wire quota filled!

I'd like to be entered in the PC version draw.


Xbone Xbox one version please? Does this include us dirty, foul-mouthed brits? Tis thy annual date of birth today, so hopefully luck has decided to side with me for once, this time. :)

Jeff. Send me the PC version. You know you want too. *Wink Wink Nudge Nudge*


Putting an entry for the Xbox1 copy, Argabaga mit brat agh nufulgugan.

I'd like the Xbox One copy. I like garrote wire. The only thing cooler is razor garrote wire, but Burning Blood isn't out yet and Walter C. Dornez isn't in an anime fighting game. So 47 will do I suppose.

i hop i win the pc version gl everyone


PC please, very interested to see if it holds up to previous iterations of the series.

Eh. Why not? If I do manage to beat the odds and win, a PC version would be nice.


The decision was made using Random.org to select each person for fairness sake.

PsychicTaco115 = PC Version

EHKOS = XBox One

We'll be sending these out today! Thanks for playing!


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