How do you go about your tech purchases?

This is something that I popped into my mind earlier today, partially due to a school project I'm doing and partially cause I was thinking about how long I keep my hardware tech for.

For example I once had a phone model for like... 5 years, even as smart phones were getting better and more prevalent, I stuck with my dinky Xperia 10 mini because I like my button keyboards. Sure I've upgraded to a full touch now but that change happened 'cause my Xperia died on me. Served me well.

As for other tech like PCs/Laptops or gaming consoles, had my current laptop for around 4 years, still runs fine, the only reason I'd see to upgrade it would be to get a better video card (this 820M can only do so much) and maybe get some more RAM (Cause when you work with video/3D rendering, 4GB RAM ain't getting you far!) but that I can just buy some and slap it in. The last gaming console I bought was a 3DS XL way back in 2013, I mostly game on PC now but were I to get another console it'd probably be a Switch.

I'd go into software, but I rarely buy software, or rather software tools; I buy games and music all the time but if I'm looking for a new art program or something I usually go for the free alternative because most software is out of my price range, or they go for the subscription model which I despise so much!

Anyway, what are you're tech buying habits? Also if you wouldn't mind helping me out on this school project, would you kindly complete this short questionnaire?

Filled out your survey. Good luck on your project!

When it comes to phones I recently broke my streak of not really caring about upgrades. I was pretty disappointed with my LG G5 though so when my contract ended I immediately went and got a Pixel 2 xl during a promotion. I bought it based on the fact that I liked it's features, camera, and it's relatively stock Android OS.

When it comes to my PCs I get the urge to build them every few years. I like staying pretty up to date on hardware and the act of picking out parts and building it is just fun in and of itself.

Desktop PCs are bought second hand from ex-business stock, same with laptops. Phones are bought direct from manufacturer.

I don't get new stuff often but when I do I tend to buy the most powerful thing I can, I like to get 5+ years out of most purchases.

Biggest push to upgrade desktops is general performance, laptops are mostly size, screen quality and weight and phones mostly performance and update lifecycle since I've had too many phones EOL'd out from under me.

For me i like to research everything about a product/hardware before buying.
For eg: the othe day I was building a PC for $700 (gaming). On such a low budget I had to go with AMD R5 1500x (best mid renge cpu) & NVIDIA 1060 (Evga version - FTW overclocked a bit) best mid range gpu


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