Considering buying a drawing tablet, would appreciate some experienced advice.

I love to draw, and have several Wacom tablets (a bamboo and one of the older giant bastards whose name eludes me atm), but I was thinking of getting one of the newer notepad-style drawing tablets that double as computers (where you can draw directly on the screen), like a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, or an Ipad Pro, or a Surface Pro? They seem more mobile and convenient, but the last time I really played with anything like this was an old Cintiq from (I think?) 2012. It had a bit of lag, and definitely wasn't portable!

So, what would anyone who draws digitally recommend me, at least based on user experience? Cost will be a factor too- I reckon I can't manage much more than a grand (Canadian).

Any input is appreciated.

My input is try posting this in Off-Topic, because nobody looks at Tech Discussion or Advice.


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