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Anyone know of really good websites where you can pick out your pc parts and have that website build and ship it to your house?

I assume you live in the US and while I don't, I do know that Newegg and Microcenter are popular ones. Maybe other US residents can help you out.

This one seems to be good :

Surprised nobody has posted this yet

Elvis Starburst:
Surprised nobody has posted this yet

This is the one I used for my build. The compatibility checker, etc made it easy.

I just built the $500 set for my cousin. I'm gonna build myself the $700 one here https://thegreatsetup.com/how-to-build-a-gaming-pc/

Here is the PC I build a couple of months ago, I was on a budget, unfortunately, but still this PC can play most of my favorite games. One day I'll build an incredibly strong PC. Anyways I hope this helps you. https://exposegaming.com/best-gaming-pc-under-1000/

You can build a pretty good gaming PC under 1000 dollars at this link https://graphicscardhub.com/best-gaming-pc-under-1000/


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