iPod Touch Questions/Advice?

So, I've been employed at a real job for the past year now, and it seems that I'm going to be bumped up to full time next week. Huzzah! With this news, I've gotten the itch of 'hey now that I'm not so screwed I can maybe splurge a wee bit', and I'm thinking of getting an iPod Touch. My understanding of it is that it's all the fun of an iPhone minus the ability to make calls/texts. Which is fine by me as I don't really do that so much anyway, and I just want to be able to have music and such on one handy device.

So I'm wondering, is there anything I really need to know or worry about? Like, is the battery on it actually crap, or does it not have a headphone jack, or getting a protective case for it a hassle? Also, how many gigs should I get for it?

The good news is the latest iPod Touch still has a dedicated headset jack. What's really interesting to me is it also has Bluetooth and messaging (iMessage) through WiFi. You're right, it's basically an iPhone without the cell phone part.

It's only a 4-inch screen, but I kind of miss the compactness of my old iPhone 4. I used that for years before I finally upgraded to a 7, which I only did because I absolutely had to.

I hate to admit it, the starting price of $200 for 16GB is nice, but I wonder if you'll run out of room quickly. I don't know if you're going to want to download apps and games and fill it up with photos. That's a tough call. Just don't spend too much too quickly. You may be full time now, but don't go spending all that money willy nilly!

Okay, preaching has ceased.

...also, I finally bought a tablet. See, I'm like 5 years behind the world of technology. I got a 32GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, and that was $300 with the screen protector and a stand-up folding case. I'm sad I didn't have this five years ago, but then again I benefited greatly from the fact that nobody wants tablets any more and the pricing reflected that. I may have an iPhone 7, but Android fucking rocks compared to having to use iTunes.

The iPod Touch (stylized and marketed as iPod touch) is an iOS-based all-purpose handheld PC designed and marketed by Apple Inc. with a user interface that is touchscreen-based. It can be used as a music and video player, digital camera, handheld game device, and personal digital assistant (PDA). It connects to the Internet only through Wi-Fi base stations, does not use cellular network data, and is therefore not a smartphone, though it has a similar design to the iPhone and is often referred to as the "iPhone without a data plan". Furthermore, it does not fit in Apple's iPhone accessories such as their leather cases. As of May 2013, 100 million iPod Touch units had been sold since 2007.


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