What games are you playing?

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It was mostly in jest referencing how B-Cell hypes every game he likes so much, it warrants an exact opposite response from rest of the users here. And he liked Prey.
Haven't played it myself, heard it's similar to Half-Life in a way, so might try it out in future.

Well that's rather disappointing. I've publicly revealed my innermost feelings toward B-Cell and the most effective method for future insultation, all for a jest? A jest?!

*Launches phone into passing river*

Thats it. It's done. This identity is compromised. Time to make a new one. Something more glamorous and exciting perhaps... ohh...

I recently started a new character in New Vegas... that didn't last long (got locked out of a questline I had never played before and for some reason couldn't restart it with console commands.) I may try again, but in a recent move across town I set up my long unused Wii and just restarted Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. And I'm going to dig out Baten Kaitos and make another run through that and probably Eternal Darkness again before boxing it up.

Happier times... retrogaming is the best.

Finished Demon's Souls a second time - getting close to Platinum'ing the game - and now I'm playing Sleeping Dogs. I'm working full time this Summer and it's good to have a nice laidback sandbox to return to in the evenings.

I'm playing Final Fantasy 7 for the first time (don't give me shit, I know I'm late to the party! :p ) I'm loving it, not as much as I loved 9, but they are completely different games.

I'm playing Dragon Age Inquisition for the 10th time? Probably more. I'm trying to create the perfect save ok? Got nothing to do with loving Cullen, no sir.

I'm also playing Final Fantasy XIV - because everyone who wants a good mmo should do. Seriously, come join me.

I'm playing Final Fantasy 7 for the first time (don't give me shit, I know I'm late to the party! :p )

Don't feel bad. The only Final Fantasy game I've played is 10.

So, at this time of writing, I've nearly finished Other M. Up to the end-game phase, where one can go for 100% item completion (can't be arsed) and have to beat Phantoon (and of course I can't go straight up to the bridge. There's a slight chance my thoughts on Other M could change in this phase, but I doubt it, so I may as well give my final thoughts now - does Other M deserve all the hate it gets, or is it unfairly maligned? To answer that, I don't think Other M is some underrated gem, but it is overhated. That's not to say it's good however, if anything, it's average. Still better than Hunters though, but, well, most games are, Metroid or otherwise.

Looking back, if I were to sum up Other M in two words, it would be "wasted potential." Because on both the gameplay and story fronts, I can see some good ideas, but neither of them are done well. On the gameplay front, more than anything, this game is crippled by its control scheme. The d-pad just isn't suited for a 3D environment, let alone quick imputs against hordes of enemies. The first person mechanic is terrible, and I died more than once because the damn thing wouldn't work at times, leaving Samus as a sitting target, and even if I got into the view, at times, the cursor would fluctuate wildly. Both of these problems would have been at least partly alleviated if I could have used a damn toggle, but no, the game wants to cripple its combat.

And fine, you could say that combat isn't the focus of Metroid, except in this game, it isn't exploration. This is easily the most linear Metroid game I've played, and while that isn't bad in itself, the combat, so crippled as it is, isn't enough to salvage it. It's not explorative enough to be interesting, but the combat isn't deep enough to be engaging. Which is a shame, because there were times when I did have a blast in combat (against some bosses), but these were the exceptions rather than the rule.

So, alright then, what about story? Well, thing is, if you look at the framework of the plot, it isn't that bad. People have commented about the theme of "motherhood," and, yeah, that kinda applies. I'd say it would be better to call the theme as being "parenthood," given how Adam is meant to be a father figure for Samus, though every other relationship is based around motherhood (Samus and the baby, Madeline and Melissa, the "bottle ship," "baby's cry," OTHER M being an anagram of MOTHER, etc.) Yeah...the theme ain't subtle. I can give Sakamoto credit for trying to give nuance to a series that, in the scope of my experience with it, has rarely engaged in particuarly deep plots or characterization (outside Fusion at least), but I suppose you could say that a bad story is worse than a non-existent story...maybe.

Anyway, I'm not going to harp on Other M's story, because it's a dead horse at this point. I don't think it's nearly as bad as some people say, but is it good? No...not really. In so many areas, I can see potential for stand-out moments (Ian's death, the Ripley scene, etc.), but there are moments that are just headscratching (the "hell run" comes to mind). I don't think Other M is sexist, but, well, yeah. I can see why people don't like this game's narrative.

So, that's my pseudo review on Other M. Seven years late I guess, but better late than never? At the least, it's not the worst Metroid game I've played (see Hunters), but it's not in the league of Super Metroid/Zero Mission/Fusion either.

Well, unknown to me, THQ Nordic re released the first de Blob game for PS4 and my brother got it for me for Christmas and I've been playing that, I've done the first 3 levels. I first played this on the Wii and this game is still really good fun. The game is basically an interactive colouring book, when you start out, the levels are almost completely black and white and it your job as the titular Blob to colour in the levels. As you start to complete the level, completing challenges, colouring buildings, beating enemies, the game starts to come to life. The music swells (the music is excellent by the way), the game becomes more vibrant, the little denizens of the world, The Raydians start partying in the streets and as you get to the end of the level, you will find yourself involuntarily smiling at the sheer joyfulness of it all.

The game is not perfect, the controls can be a bit fiddly, more so than the PS3 sequel. I think that is why I originally gave up on Wii version, the controls were too fiddly and the Wiimote too unresponsive for me to get past a certain point. Playing with a proper controller is a much better idea. Also, the levels are long, really long, this is not a game you can just put on for a quick 10 minute blast and go away again. If you are like me and insist on doing everything, it will take you an hour or so to complete a level, I have no idea if THQ Nordic have put in a checkpoint system, there wasn't one in the Wii version. Also, the timer doesn't stop once you've beaten the main objective on a level, like it does in de Blob 2, so if you want to do everything but are almost out of time, then tough, you'll have to play the level again. Which isn't a bad thing as the game is fun, but seeing as the levels are huge, it can seem like a bit of a chore.

So yeah, fun game and dirt cheap, so if you want to play something that is a bit different and will put a smile on your face, give this a chance. Hopefully, they will re release the sequel at some point and maybe even a third game will be made.

After a very long absence, I returned to the dragon age world recently. They had a sale on psn for the game of the year edition of Inquisition and coupled with the $10 psn voucher I basically got the game for free. I loved Origins but DA2 took a wrong turn and after trying the demo I decided against getting it, this being before it actually came out and everyone decried it all over the place.

I am pleased to see most of what I had seen in 2 that I disliked (overly action heavy gameplay and simplistic dialogue choice system) is fixed in Inquisition. It's funny cause ingame there's been a 10 year skip from Origins which is also just about as long as my absence from the series and I am reminded why I loved origins when I play this game. I love just reading all those codex logs you find all over the place and their take on magic is very unique and flavorful. They do this one really trippy time travel thing pretty early on in the game which had me completely awed as well. I'm roughly 40 hours in and just got to what seems like the main base of the game so it's prolly gonna be a huge game too.

Still, I wish you could turn auto attack on and not have to hold R2 to attack, I dunno what that is supposed to fulfill, it's not like there's any timing to it unlike the parry abilities.

Tried out Counter Strike for the first time. This game is weird. I don't even know where I'm being killed from half the time, and I'm having trouble telling who the enemies are. Only played it briefly, though. Will give it another go.

Edit: Another funny Max Payne 3 moment today.

Shoot dodged right before the grenade hit me, had time to reload AND pop my painkillers AND got the winning kill.

Counter Strike 1.3 and Counter Strixe Xtreme V5 with my friends. Lan Party!

Hob: Nice little Zelda-esque game. Gorgeous world, gorgeous music. Gameplay was alright, combat was mostly meh, but the platforming is usually stellar (except when the isometric camera borks you bad). 7.5/10

Battle Chasers: Nightwar: really good JRPG (in the mechanics sense, it's made by a western studio), but then again, the first JRPG I play since Golden Sun 2 on the GBA. Really, really enjoyable, with minimal grinding involved. It has more RNG idiocy that I'd like, particularly for some optional bosses, but it's a great game through and through. 9/10

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun: Only on the fourth mission, but goddamit if Edo Japan Commandos doesn't have me by the balls. Get this one while the steam sale is going, if you like Real Time Tactics. You won't regret it.

Skyrim VR: Gave Skyrim a miss when it came out as much as I loved Oblivion I didnt wanna play it again but this has given the experience the twist I need and I am loving it.

Mario Odyssey: Just bought a switch and got this with it. Love some parts of it hate others overall its fun but starting to lose my interest a bit now kinda wanna be done with it at this point but I do wanna see the ending at least.

Trying to finish Yakuza Zero and Everybody's Golf. I also have RE 7,Dead Rising 4,Uncharted 4,Mgs 5,Last Guardian and Alien Isolation. I also play Street Fighter 5 for fun now and then,waiting for new characters.

I like to keep one game-I-play-to_get-to-the-ending-of in rotation, and it's been Hollow Knight for a week or so now. Man, it's great. I love everything about it: the music, the graphics, the cute sounds, the bosses, the controller-breakingly tough platforming, but most of all, that it allows me to get lost. You gotta work for your map, and that's a great feature if you ask me.

A day cannot pass for me to play at least a round or two a day of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, and on nights like yesterday, six hours straight with a mate in duo. We've decided to forego the chicken dinner for now and just start hunting, get into the thick early, and get practice on the various pieces of equipment. Then again, I did end up 9th yesterday while completely unarmed and always having to move. It made for a hilarious game. That's the thing with PUBG, every round, no matter how many you play, offers a new story. The one where I was unarmed and was chased by a guy with a shotgun, until I could grab a 9mm around a corner and kill him with it. The one where I punched a guy to death just after landing. The one where I immediately grabbed an SUV, went straight to the ruins on the completely wrong side of the map, get some decent equipment there, then drive madly back to the zone through extremely bumpy country with the blue wall on my ass and actually made it. The one where I must've driven for at least 2km straight while somehow constantly getting shot at. The one where a guy in a boat was pinning me underneath the bridge with the blue wall closing in and I somehow made it safely to the zone. The one where I landed and got shot in the face in the first second. You remember these games, they never blur into each other for me. GOTY, fo' sho'.

I try to get some regular practice in Age of Empires 2 HD Edition. It's not enough. I made a bet with my sister. Best out of 10 matches. Problem is, I kinda suck, or at least my micro does. She's beaten me twice already. If I lose, I gotta get a haircot at her barber, giving him carte blanche to do whatever hipster shit with my head he feels like. I cannot allow this to happen. I must get all the practice, all day, every day. Even though I'm kinda bad (don't ask about my elo-rating), this is still the best RTS ever made. Nothing comes close.

I recently picked up the GOTY edition of Fallout 3 for like ?4 on the PS3 so I've just started that. Only ever played Broken Steel, so this should be fun.

Continued dabbling in Civ VI and Endless Space 2 and I've made a New Year's Resolution to really make a push to get through Bloodborne or as much as I can of it. That's gonna be hell on Earth given how shite I am and how barely anywhere into it I am.

Played some of A Link Between Worlds. I enjoyed it.

Playing cube runner since yesterday and my personal best score is 443055 ))

Finally got around to completing Alien: Isolation and I think I'm close to finishing up Shadowrun: Hong Kong.

Next up is Grim Fandango Remastered. Played the original a long time ago, but feel like giving it another go.

I got the Blood Gem Master trophy in Bloodborne last night. Apparently that means I'm fairly deep into the Chalice Dungeons. I'll probably roll right into The Old Hunters dlc after completing it. After that, gee...as in getting back to MGSV most likely. Got a good start on it already. I wonder how my base is doing.

So I've sunk a few more hours into Fallout 3 now. Being doing a good karma run because I hate being a dick, but I'm saving then reloading certain milestones for the trophies.

I've developed certain habits, like putting beggars out of their misery and hoarding all of the Nuka Colas I've come across for my fridge at home.

Collecting mutilated organs from super mutie zones is fun too, really adds to the raider house theme.

Also, the Operation Anchorage DLC was kinda shitty. Gunplay was never Fallout's strong point so taking out everything else that makes the game fun and basically leaving you with a CoD style level with nothing but shooting was awful

The combat in Mirror's Edge: Catalyst is far more annoying than in the first game. I'm in the heliport, the mission being to defeat KrugerSec, and am facing off against waves of enemies. At least in the first game, you had guns to get it over with quicker. In the reboot, you're just clumsily running around, hitting people, letting them shoot at you from afar and waiting for your adrenaline or whatever to replenish. Dice shouldn't have listened to all the whiners. The gunplay should have been improved, not dropped.

Also, I've played Bully for four hours now and I like it. The skateboard is a nice piece of transportation.


Mirror's Edge: Catalyst - Deleted

Watch_Dogs - Deleted

Observer - The motion blur is fucking terrible and the devs are retards for not letting me disable it. My computer froze when I Alt Tabbed to my desktop for a fix and I don't want to watch the barely playable intro again. Deleted.

Evil Within 2 - Idiot devs didn't understand the appeal of the first one and of RE4. It wasn't about open world crap. Deleted.

RE7 - Boring as fuck. Still don't like the switch to first person, all for the sake of copying what's in right now. Deleted.

I deleted all those in the last hour. Feels liberating. These people can't make games anymore. I have better things to do.

Pillars of Eternity. I played it at launch in 2015, and had a hard time getting into it. Thought I'd give it another try, with the sequel coming out in a few months. I'm using Reshade this time, which makes the graphics easier on the eyes. I think I'm about to the end of Act 1 (of 3).

It's no Dragon Age: Origins, but I'm hoping the story gets more interesting at some point. So far it's kinda bland. Same with the characters. They're okay, but there's no Garrus or Sten or Minsc in the bunch.

So far the dungeons are the highlight. Nicely done.

Started up a run of Darkest Dungeon build 12331. I'm on week 84. My level 5 Vestal just died to a Collected Highwayman which has brought me much despair. She got crit from the get go which I healed back up to ~3/4, some turns passed and she got crit again for 29 and died to the bleed tick


Game could do with death encounter replays in the graveyard

Alternating between Sam & Max Hit the Road and Baldur's Gate right now. Cuphead and King's Quest V are next on the list.

Pokemon White 2.

I don't understand why this game is hyped.

Pokemon White 2.

I don't understand why this game is hyped.

Was it? I don't remember being so.

OT: Now I'm about to finish Dark Souls 3. I'm only missing the final boss from the DLC The Ringed City, and passing my time playing as the Spear of the Church boss. >:)

Hot freakin' damn Rimworld is fun.

I've always wanted to play Dwarf Fortress, but that game feels like it's designed for engineers with PHDs. The interface is super complicated and doing virtually everything is more hard than it should be.

Rimworld fixes that. It's playable by modern standards while also being full of difficult and sometimes obtuse strategies and mechanics, and FULL of "Oh shit, this random event is about to fuck me over. Time to improvise!" and all sorts of other little amazing player-driven stories.

Seriously, it's hard to put down.

I also got Beta access to the game I wrote for over the summer and finally had a chance to seriously play it just for the sake of playing it. I'm enjoying that a hell of a lot. :P

Haven't been able to play much of anything the last couple weeks, but last night I finished the Defiled Chalice in Bloodborne. Beat Amygdala second try after almost exactly two weeks alway from it, even though I had attempted it at least a dozen times before. Refreshing, and also good to be back with a full life bar.

Gave up on my second and likely final attempt at Pillars of Eternity. I really wanted to like the game. I like the idea. But the story and the characters just bore me to tears.

Now playing Lords of the Fallen. It's nowhere near at polished as the Souls games, but I'm enjoying it so far.

I also recently restarted Wolfenstein: The New Order. God it looks so dated even on PC with max settings. Hard to believe the likes of Tech 5 was conjured up from J. Carmack. I have a feeling it was mostly due to an obsession with getting 60fps on RAM starved consoles with decent visuals. Everything else suffered for it though, including visuals. 60fps isn't even really important in console shooters either. Relieved the sequel uses the much improved Tech 6.

I think since all platforms now use the same architecture, development should be lead on PC whether multiplat or exclusive.

I jumped on Cataclysm DDA after hearing Addendum_Forthcoming and Drathnoxis mention it on the copycat(ted?) WW thread.
Seems great so far. (I've finally gotten the hang of clothes..I think! also started a new world WITHOUT Fungals).

I'm only beginning, but it certainly looks like it will last longer than Factorio did.
Factorio dragged on at the end game. Too far into the game to start over and utilize my (hopefully) saved and improved blueprints.
The very same blueprints you go over again and again and again, for efficiency, speed, resource use/cost..etc.
Will probably revisit later. Possibly with mods as well.

Currently playing Fire Emblem: Awakening. It's the first game in the series I've played since the GBA Fire Emblem. So far seems a lot easier.

Also doing Zelda Wink Waker. Emulating it through Dolphin. Partly because good-looking game looks even better with some raw PC power thrown at it, partly because I can't be arsed to get out my actual Gamecube and copy of the game.

Trying out Witcher 3: Blood and Wine. I find the nonstop music weird. Imagine how awkward Game of Thrones would be if the music continued through every conversation.

NETHACK! Again! But I don't have very much time to play games at the moment :/
I want to get an ascension in under 30 000 turns though. I've gotta stop making dumb mistakes though!

I jumped on Cataclysm DDA after hearing Addendum_Forthcoming and Drathnoxis mention it on the copycat(ted?) WW thread.
Seems great so far. (I've finally gotten the hang of clothes..I think! also started a new world WITHOUT Fungals).

I'm only beginning, but it certainly looks like it will last longer than Factorio did.
Factorio dragged on at the end game. Too far into the game to start over and utilize my (hopefully) saved and improved blueprints.
The very same blueprints you go over again and again and again, for efficiency, speed, resource use/cost..etc.
Will probably revisit later. Possibly with mods as well.

Factorio was fun, but there wasn't enough to it, I think. Not enough randomness, nor really any reason to build trains to far off places. I got along fine with just conveyor belts. I'm planning on giving it another shot after a couple more years of development.

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