Does auto-aim make Rockstar's games more accessible or does it kill the multiplayer communities?

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You said the MP3 players don't mind the auto-aim. I can't find where you said that now, but I'm sure you did. Maybe you edited your post. I've played with lots of free-aimers who openly dislike it, and seen more complaints about it on Steam. They, most of them, wouldn't be playing in free aim if they didn't have a problem with soft lock. I can barely run and gun in soft lock. I often use sniper rifles because I have a better chance of picking players off at a distance or one-shotting them from the hip. I have to stay at a distance in a freaking Max Payne game. After avoiding soft lock as much as possible, I finally got my KD and win-lose ratios above 1.0. Part of it was me improving, but I think most of it was just avoiding that trashy auto-aim mode and playing Max Payne as it should be played. I dislike auto-aim, many other Max Payne players dislike auto-aim, people in this thread dislike auto-aim in multiplayer games. But, of course, you need to be the contrarian.

As for there not being crew on crew videos, I was able to find some just by looking through playlists of people I play with.

Still, it's a dumb standard by which to decide if a game is competitive. "Plain and simple," my butt.

Just because there's people that complain about something, it doesn't result in the majority of the community not liking it. The thread is about Rockstar games in general and not solely MP3, and it definitely seems like the average player hops onto GTA online to have some fun and they don't really care about aiming and in-depth shooting mechanics obviously because GTA is a bad shooter for the most part. The CS:GO or Rainbow 6 Siege communities are comprised of players that want a completely different type of multiplayer experience vs a normal Rockstar community. Auto-aim is definitely something I can see the majority of GTA online players liking if you did a proper statistical sampling of the community. Plus, Rockstar is receiving truckloads of money from their GTA community so I don't think it's literally possible to say auto-aim or anything "killed" the GTA online community.

Deathmatch is such a lame mode because it's really just to show off your gun skills and really nothing else. There's just so much that you have to account for in an objective mode, it's like the difference between playing Twilight Imperium and Cosmic Encounter.

How many crew matches have you played in MP3? Just answer that. And stupid 1v1s don't count.

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