Poll: First or Third person: On a racing game

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Whenever I play a game with heavy emphasis on driving, like GTA4 for example, I almost always flip my car on its roof when in first person. So,though I prefer third person while driving, first person is fucking awesome.

I prefer third person driving. It seems more comfortable.

For racing I like third person, 3/4 overhead camera. I like to see around and slightly behind the car, something you can't do in first person (as Frizzle put it, "until they make bendy TVs that allow me to use my peripheral vision".)

For most other genres I'm all about first-person, though.

When it comes to racing games I definitely prefer third person view. Makes it easier and more fun.

i like first person in the burnout games because to me the movement of the car seems very clunky in 3rd person


You should really have an option for both... Because I switch between the two depending on the game.

In Burnout Paradise you get that stupid camera view on third person and its too low. I can't see whats in front of me because of the car being in the way. In that I either use in car view or keep the right thumbstick held down.

In games like Forza and Race Driver GRID I use third person because I can set the camera and even without that option it's easy to see whats in front of me even though I don't go as fast as I do in Burnout Paradise anyway. But using first person view in GRID looks really cool.

In games like DIRT and and others will hills I use in car because when I'm going over a hill its really hard to see whats in front of me which really pisses me off when I crash just because I'm technically blind.

I like first-person perspectives in games, books and movies (although the latter is all too rare). It draws me in and especially with shooters and driving games, it gives me a sense of doing something other than piloting a character at a distance.

Third for me. Especially in burnout when you need to be able to see other cars to get takedowns.

Yeah, Third person view for me with racing games...for pretty much that reason.

I never liked the first person view point with these games.

In simulation-ish racing games, i.e. Gran Turismo, Forza, GRID, and rally games I use first. I find I just drive better. I can steer much closer to the ripple strips, apexes and the trees without hitting them and the sense of speed is better.
But if I have to drift, takedown or shoot, third helps more there.

for games like Burnout you NEED third person; no questions asked, but for games like Forza i prefer the first person view. better sense of handling and it feels more realistic.

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