Lara Croft breaks my heart

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I got bored of Tomb Raider reboots when they didn't bring Sam back.

I like Jonah but damn let Lara have her girlfriend back.

Do you really want that though? Considering most of the first game was literally her playing "Your Princess is in another castle" with Lara for the entire game and that these writers really haven't seemed to have figured anything out since then, it's hard to argue that Sam wouldn't be the same Distressed Damsel if she showed up again.

Does the "Distressed Damsel" thing work if you are playing a Damsel saving another Damsel? I mean isn't the downside of the trope, that the woman has to sit around and wait for the MAN to come save her so she can have his babies or some shit? But if a woman is also doing the saving, does it still count?

Having played Uncharted for the first time recently, the Tomb Raider reboot series doesnt come close.

I played Rise after Uncharted 4, and it was a pretty meh 6/10.

Havent heard anything great about this one either, so i'll give it a miss, I think.

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