Sony implements new policy censoring Japanese games for possible fanservice content

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Something Amyss:
The funny thing about the "all censorship is bad" model is the deafening silence when a dude in skimpy clothing is covered up, or a same-sex relationship scheduled. But if you take away rape mini-games or underage girls, there will be HELL! to pay.

It's actually because it's harder to get mad at something you really don't know anything about. It's not that we don't care, but it's that we never hear about it in the first place because we don't sit around and read Polygon all day.

I'm just waiting for the day the US becomes more like the rest of the world, other than the UK, and then some. Everyone knows this culture is very sleazy and sexual. I mean, hentai is the second most searched term on pornhub, and you know exactly what 90% of that is. We have this misguided notion that we can shield it all from anyone under 18, like some guy that took the Catcher in the Rye too seriously. You can't argue against degeneracy without being a hypocrite unless you are a 100% vanilla person or are asexual.

I don't like my name anymore:

It's actually because it's harder to get mad at something you really don't know anything about. It's not that we don't care, but it's that we never hear about it in the first place because we don't sit around and read Polygon all day.

Yes, but you do visit the Escapist, and I have a long memory. I remember back during the height of the "cenbsorship" BS around here. I remember how many people would flip out if they changed the aghe of underage girls in an RPG. I also remember how quiet those voices got when EA was reported to have censored same-sex relationships, or when they covered up a FF character because he was making dudes uncomfortable.

To quote an old song...your story's real touching, but it sounds just like a lie.

In fact, I remember the screams of ": SJW!" when Bioware included same-sex relationships in ME and DA, which they wanted from the start. I remember the cries of "SJW" when Volition took the T&A they didn't want out of their games. It's really hard to believe the people who were triggered by optional gay content in vidya games to the point they wanted it out are against all censorship because they happen to object when underage girls (and it is always girls) and groping games are removed.


That's a valid concern. My only explanation is that people who care about this issue don't actually play any gay games so are unaware of the censorship coming that way and perhaps that there's just way fewer instances of such a thing happening to a series known about having sexy dudes. I definitely agree with you that it also ought to be condemned in a similar fashion.

Similar to what I said above, the biggest problem with this is how many of these people are getting their news from gaming nsites. In fact, the ones I encounter--the only ones I can really comment on--are 100% getting their news from gaming sites, because I literally don't follow anywhere else where this shit shows up.

I'll also point out that these were the people who insisted people like me weren't gamers (which is sort of true, because I will not brand myself with that label), or "True Gamers" or whatever.

There's a huge overlap between fans of depictions of underage girls being groped and gaming, and even when these stories are reported, they vanish faster than logic in a superhero show.

There's a certain logic behind the notion of "all censorship is bad, so we must defend everything" except...that's not what happens. On the gaming sites I visit it's always the underage girls, giant boobs, and rapey games that get defended. LGBT content removed? A woman removed? Black characters removed? Cover up a dude's homoerotically delicious abs? NINJA! VANISH!

Actions matter, and people have consistently not been there to defend this stuff. In fact, gamers seem to be happy to call for the censorship of media that offends them personally, which sends the message to me that they very specifically like this kind of content.

I can only offer up anecdotes to counter anecdotes but the literal only case of a sexy guy being less sexy after the censorious USA localizers got their hands on him that I can come up with was Ringabel's speedo outfit being altered to a much more concealing one in Bravely Default (which was part of a series of similar changes for that game, manifesting "crotch shadows" out of nowhere and making fabric less seethrough and whatnot). I distinctly remember people bringing his alteration up equally as much as that of the girls'. His original outfit also showed comparatively more skin than that of those girls too.

You may be assuming that people are reading what you're reading just because they visit the same forums. You may assume that people who hate censorship also have a habit of seeking out censorship stories to read and be mad about. I posit to you that a good chunk of them (me included) don't go out to seek these stories and will only react when such an instance occurs in something that was already interesting to begin with. Hating something and seeking to hate-read and be an activist about it is not the same. I hate censorship but decrying censorship is not fun for me, nor entertaining. When I go to forums I go to look into things I actually find interesting, so if it's something about a game I never cared about or even heard of I won't jump in since I'd rather focus on interesting things.

I think the reason you hear the same kinds of voices often with regards to censorship is due to the same kinds of games being disproportionally targeted by censors. I legit can't remember of a game which had gay chars and then they changed that cause of censorious reasons similar to the reasoning given when they change other games. I can't remember a case where a localizer went "this content is not appropriate for the west" with regards to gayness like they said about the Danmachi Memoria Freese case of interactive poking, for example.

Something Amyss:
Yes, but you do visit the Escapist, and I have a long memory. I remember back during the height of the "cenbsorship" BS around here.

We all have our negative memories of this place. I remember how many people would flip out that the word censorship was used "incorrectly", as if that had any relevance at all to the argument. Hostile voices seem more numerous than they really are. Let's be real, there are more people that flip out over loli then there are people that are willing to defend it on this site.

The same goes with gamers in general, and anime. Very few people are lolicon. Underage girls on the other hand is quite different. When you try to group people who have fapped to hentai or rule 34 once, in the same group as lolicons, or if the law says that they are, then people are more willing to tolerate loli. If you want to think people who fap to fictional underage girls are gross, like how many males do you think have watched porn with the actor dressed in a schoolgirl outfit? Like 5 or something?

I find loli disgusting, but I'm going to defend it, because if I don't my own shitty fetish is going to come under fire.

Dreiko and I are probably otaku who has seen some fucked up shit. We are more willing to defend everything on principle, because we've seen and been desensitized to a lot of things. Let's say I found treasure in a trash pile every week, and then one day some neighbors want that trash pile gone because children might get hurt playing in it or some dumb reason. Whether Joe Blow wants to get rid of that trash pile because he found a gay porno magazine in it, is quite irrelevant to my stance.

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