The games you would give your younger self

Ever come across an amazing game that was around during your childhood but you didn't become aware of until much later? These are those games. What games would you've shoved under the nose of the child-version of yourself if you had the chance?

For me the top of the list would probably be:

Red Baron


While I was wasting time as a kid flying around Chicago in a Cessna 172 with bugger all to do in Flight Simulator, I can only imagine how much more engaged I would have been in a game that allowed me to rip up and down the Western Front, shredding scouts and bombers from the air in a dynamic campaign that unfolded differently every time I did it. I always lamented the way Flight Sim's Sopwith Camel didn't have guns. Well this classic from 1990 not only gave it guns, but gave you wingmen to fight for and various enemies to battle, from enemy planes, to observation balloons- even Zeppelins! I would have loved the crap out of this game...

E.V.O.: Search for Eden - a 16-bit action-RPG based on evolution? I'd have loved to play that as a kid.


Act Raiser - God Simulator. Do I need to explain?


Xenogears and Final Fantasy 6.

I know you probably mean video games but...

Dungeons and Dragons. I wish I was playing DnD sooner, did not start till late teens.

Jet Force Gemini for starters, so I would stop dreaming about that one game I played for 30 seconds on a Walmart Nintendo 64 demo unit but never knew the name of. That game haunted me until I was 17. All I remembered was giant ants, and I kept assuming it was Body Harvest because that had a giant bug on the front case. Not that it mattered, as I never ended up with either game because my family didn't buy me any video games until I was 14.


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