Let's talk Smash Newly Announced DLC. Hopes, Desires, And 'Never Gonna Happen's

At time of writing this, Nintendo Direct happened yesterday, September 4th, 2019. And I've been hearing a lot of things like Fire Embelm, and Starcraft, and what not.

Have you people literally forgot that just a few days ago, we've gotten a new Platinum IP that is currently melting minds?


How is ANY discussion happening with forgetting the Howard Twins?! They would be a Pokemon Trainer that You Can Play. Tilt can be strictly used for sending your Legion. Down Special will be to change your X-Baton. And just like Joker, you fight long enough and you get into Sync. Then Specials will be Sync attacks for more power.

And you better believe that others can fight and disrupt legion. Leaving the Twin only their X-Baton to fight until recharge.

Smash Community, for every person who speculated DLC characters and did not mention the glory of the Howard Twins, I am disappointed.

What about you? What hopes and desires do you have for new characters? Hell, Could Francis York Morgan now Creepily Smiles His Way Into Smash? Or is that Never Gonna Happen?

What I want is Sephiroth and Raiden from Mortal Kombat in Smash.

I'm hoping for Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia, maybe Crash Bandicoot or even Spyro?

Some of these might just be mii costumes, but some representation would be nice...

I just want Siegfried from Soul Calibur as the Galeem/Dharkon needs a vessel and given how SSBU Final Destination took cues from The Soul series. It would be a wasted opportunity to not have a SC character

And Waddle Dee Never Ever.

Adol Christin from Ys (And it's entirely possible with the name of Ys 8's music arrange album name, being "Super Ultimate" instead of "Super Arranged" as it normally is. The recent Ys 8 port and this album naming scheme are my biggest suspicions it might happen)

2B is a possibility as well
Maybe a Monster Hunter?

No idea who the Howard twins are, assumed it had something to with a Howard the duck spin-off before clicking on the link. They're very new! Is smash ok with fresh blood so soon?
What would Francis' move set be? Isn't he just a guy with a gun and some mental issues? Unfortunately never got far in DP due to the awful driving controls refusing to allow different control scheme, so don't know much of what he do.

Anyway, own desires for the inevitable moment a switch is attained from an unsuspecting idiot child;

Joanna Dark - come on...Rare has their foot in the door and solid snake is already hanging at the bar getting slaughtered waiting for his spy rivalry.
Norman Reedus's funky fetus - it looks like it some sneaky powers veiled from us.
Isaac baby - as above but less quantum uncertainty.
Blinx the time-sweeping cat - was gonna put one of my own cats here, but something tells me no one else would understand.
Aloy - throw in the robot dinosaurs whilst you're there, Nintendo. Oh and Sylens too. Talking of which...
John Wick - With the dogs. Don't you dare forget the doggies!
Michael LeRoi - Shadowman (an N64 title also! No excuses, Ninty)
Eileen the crow - Bloodborne bestie.
Clementine - Walking dead, can throw in some Dead Rising style weaponry for added flavour.
Invader Zim - Gir too.
Walter White.
Barry Scott, the cillit bang advert guy.

Marina Liteyears from Mischief Makers. Would love to see her as a grab focused fighter.

Minecraft Steve!

-Sami, from Advance Wars

-Isaac, from Golden Sun

And no more god damn guest characters. FFS Nintendo, you've got more IPs than probably any other gaming company out there - use them!


And no more god damn guest characters. FFS Nintendo, you've got more IPs than probably any other gaming company out there - use them!


Axel Stone or Blaze Fielding
Sketch Turner
Akira Yuki - Virtua Fighter
Brandon Heat - Gungrave
Travis Touchdown
Aya Brea
Crash Bandicoot

Lester Knight Chaykin from "Out of This World". Because you're not getting more out-from-left-field than that.

(Also, I'm disappointed that Mamahaha didn't catch that letter. Poor Nakoruru. At least you've got a decent modern game now.)

Master Chief could be fun, with the gravity hammer, sticky grenades, and rocket jump, as well as summon a warthog that multiple people can drive and shoot in!

Crash Bandicoot, each time you get hit, apples fly out of you. If you pick them up, you get a bit of percentage back!
Can create a TNT crate that bounces you up, but leaves crate that explodes in a few seconds. Mashing B would make crash do the tornado move, doing damage and flinging enemies around.

The dwarf from Golden Axe could be fun, he could kick around the gnomes to get mana, and you can use different levels of ultimates depending on how much of the mana potions you've collected.

Chell from Portal would be insane, with portals flying everywhere, chaos and hilarity would ensue!


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