Anyone interested in playing a game together?

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I created a random arse discord. While I personally might not be too interested or free - I feel like nothing is going to ever happen unless we have a more real time means of communication/organizing.

I guess just hop on and see what happens?

When this feature comes, I can imagine it will make it very easy to multiplayer all sorts of stuff.

Not exactly the intended use for this thread, I guess but... I've gotten all my Borderlands 3 vault hunters through normal mode and have moved on to TVHM. Got a safe full of normal mode legendaries that I'll be replacing with their higher level counterparts. Now that BL 3 is out on Steam, if anyone starting out wants them... reply or message.

Been on Granblue Versus for the past month and some change, always up for matches. (also still up for matches in previously mentioned stuff like Xrd and Uniel and so on too of course)

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