Lootboxes and Gambling... & Jim's happy!


TLDR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIvHMcT-3e0

Let's see what EA does now.

Actual TL:DR: an UK MP advisory council published a report regarding lootboxes in games (mainly the FIFA series) and it's contents are basically... well, what we'd expect of anything that would (what we hope to eventually) be a massive pain in the wallet for EA/2K.

Uh... discuss I guess, whether it's the potential future of regulation in the games industry, whether this will actually amount to anything material etc. etc.

What EA will do?

They'll continue to ride the lootbox gravy train until it crashes, probably doubling down on that shit too, while deploying their legal department to find loopholes and their ESA lobbyists to delay any legislation for as long as possible.

Meanwhile, they are no doubt already researching new innovations in insidious and predatory monetization tactics that would not be covered by whatever anti-lootbox/gambling mechanics legislation may come.

I mean, they'll just take out the lootboxes and just give the game's storefronts. Star Wars Storefront will be the next game.

The problem is with gambling and lootboxes. So they'll just offer the powerups and weapons and cosmetics and whatever the fuck else just straight up. Think the Assassin's Creed Odyssey store. No loot boxes there, just packs. Sparta weapon pack, Valkrie pack, etc etc etc.

So they'll just monetize you without the RNG behind it. Probably making items more expensive since they can't bank on the constant gambling from RNG rewards.

Woah! It's like the UK committee watched all of Jim Sterling's videos on the topic and resumed them in a single report. I'm sad that the gaming industry decided to ignore the writing on the wall and no major player actively opposed to lootboxes strongly enough to keep the politicians' meddling at bay.

The AAA industry has become addicted to gambling and it requires an intervention.


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