Why do Nintendo's new Switch IPs get called "failures"?

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I should mention that you can count me as one of those people who actually love ARMs.

Or more over should I say I love the concept.

It was a tech demo. But all it did was highlight how not ready the joy-cons were for controlling a game like that.

Fast forward to the future where I bought Fitness Boxing, and was into it until it came to more challenging combinations. The internal gyros didn't re-calibrate fast enough to register a lot of my punches.

For a family trip, I got Just Dance for some of the kiddos. The Joy-cons again couldn't keep up with the best of dancers.

Again, I stress a need for Pro Joy-cons. No, I wouldn't mind paying extra because it's a game-play option finally near perfection that is hampered by a shoddy, slapped together product.




Mate, I couldn't care less about the Wii U. I'm not talking about the Wii's shortcomings, or Nintendo's long term business strategy. Don't care what games were bought for the system, the marketing, the casual audience or any of that shit.

All I said was that the Wii was considered a success. You agreed. End of story.

Still does not change what happened, and I would not recommend ignoring those events. Those that ignore history or don't learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat it. And you can get the point across without acting snippy.

Good lord man- if I ask you which mountain is the tallest, are you going to write me an essay on the collision of the Indian and Eurasian tectonic plates too? Maybe you'd like to weigh in on the disputed Kashmir region and the warfare that China, India and Pakistan have waged there? Or tell me all these facts about K2 or the Eiger while you're at it?

I can't help, but feel you're taking this way too personally. Whatever; your problem, not mine. I'm not gonna derail the thread, so moving on and you have a nice day.

Citation needed, OP.


Casual Shinji:
Probably because they're games that speak primarily to the non-geek crowd.

It's not the sales numbers it's the geek appeal that determin success or failure in the eyes of "gamers".

Because despite how much money Nintendo earns, everyone in the West wants to call Nintendo a failure because they refuse to just do what Sony and Microsoft do.

If that were true why would Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey be considered such a success by the West? Or any of the other Switch exclussives for that matter. Or the Switch itself. Can you really point to any Western gaming media source that claimed the Switch or the Switch library was a failure in any way compared to Sony and Microsoft? Because I think you'll find that Microsoft is actually getting the brunt in that regard. Nintendo has been getting pretty much nothing but praise this generation.

Thats because the Switch is whoring itself out to last gen games. Oh wow, Skyrim on the Switch? A game from 2011. Whoopdeedoo, add it to my pile of Skyrims.

Last gen? No. More like all past gens. Several publishers have released games from lots of past generations. Square-Enix alone has been remastering and re-releasing games from GB, NES, SNES, PS1 and PS2 in the Switch. Heck! I saw on the game store the other day a remaster of a C64 game for the Switch!


I can't help, but feel you're taking this way too personally and having the need to be right. Whatever, your problem not mine. I'm not gonna derail the thread, so moving on and you have a nice day.

It's nothing to do with being right- I'm sure your statements are true. I'm just glad the exchange has been allowed to conclude.

If you have titles A, B, and C that are massive sellers, that becomes your measuring stick, so even if titles D, E, and G do well enough they get brushed under the rug comparatively.

I wouldn't even call it a Nintendo exclusive problem. You could pull up Ubisoft or EA's rosters and have the same effect where two or three franchises are all anyone every acknowledges in casual discussion. Sony has other things under their umbrella then the Naughty Dog 3rd person cinematic standard action game #1782018. I'd assume Microsoft is also over there making something other then Halo and Gears of war as well.

I wonder how Nintendo is still in business, what with all the failing they're supposedly doing.

I'm being facetious of course. No need to quantum entable your knickers. You know who you are.

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