Freebie Info - Surviving Mars [ENDED]

Don't know this one. Judging from the name, I was guessing it'd be basically a gamified The Martian. It's actually a city builder, but for a moment I had sweet dreams of being Matt Damon. Today, for you:

Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars will be free at Epic Games Store until October 17th. As always, you can get the game through the link above, or straight from the Epic Games launcher. Either way, the game will be added directly to your Epic Games library.

Have a look if interested and enjoy.

The next freebies from Epic will be Observer and Alan Wake's American Nightmare starting October 17th.

It's a fun city builder with a twist, but replayability is somewhat limited. The only real difference is what order and technology you get each play trough, which can range from "hardly changed a thing" to "completely break the game by trivializaing a lot of system".

AW's American Nightmare sounds like a good compliment to the base game freebie I picked up the other month.

I don't have that particular Paradox(published) game so sure, why not?

Sounds like it's similar to Cities: Skylines but as a Mars Colony and some survival elements. That and with some optimism on the tech scale(being able to easily refuel rockets on site for a return trip) as well as some throw-back Domed City Ascetic(rather then a more realistic pre-fab, partially buried cramped living quarters). I'm fine with that.


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