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For those of you not aware, Humble Bundle is a website that, on top of their own storefront, also offers various goods like books, software, and games in bundles. The cost of these bundles? Well, that's up to you, as you can choose to pay up to a certain amount to get various tiers of goods.

As these deals tend to be rather great, I thought I'd do my part to advertise them. As new video game bundles for sale get released, I will be posting them on here. To start with, the One Special Day bundle is currently available for the next 9 days. Proceeds from this bundle will go to an organization named SpecialEffect, which works to assist physically disabled people with playing video games.

Each spoiler will list how much you must pay to unlock that tier, and inside will list what games and other goodies you unlock. Keep in mind that these rewards are cumulative, so paying for the higher tiers will also get you the goods from the lower tiers. Also, the reason for the wording on the middle tier is that, in order to unlock it, you must pay more than the average, which I presume changes over time.

ENDED 10/22

Not really game related (I guess if you work as a concept artist or fan art) but they have a fantastic deal for Corel products that typically costs about three quarter of a grand without the discount.

A new game bundle is up as well. This one is called the Humble Postmodern Bundle.

Ended 10/29

New bundle, called the Humble Idea Factory Bundle. These are games from Idea Factory International.

Ended 11/12

New bundle, the Day of the Devs 2019 Bundle. The Day of the Devs is a free indie game event held yearly in San Francisco, hosted by Double Fine and iam8bit.

Ended 11/12

After quite some time, a new game bundle has arrived: The Humble Sonic Bundle 2019.

ENDED 12/17

New game bundle called the Yogcast Jingle Jam 2019. This one is a bit interesting, however. There are only 2 tiers, for one. In addition, the higher tier has new keys unlocked daily until December 20th. Therefore, I'll be updating this post on a daily basis to reflect the newly available games.


New game bundle. This one is the Humble Paradox Management Bundle.

ENDED 12/27

New games bundle. The Humble Sweet Farm Bundle.

Proceeds from this bundle will go to Sweet Farm, a non-profit sanctuary addressing the impact of factory farming.


Very nice indeed.

New bundle. This one is the Humble Australia Fire Relief Bundle. I think it's pretty obvious where proceeds from this bundle go. Specifically, the proceeds will go to 4 different charities assisting with the Australian fire relief: RSPCA, WIRES, the World Wildlife Fund, and the Australian Red Cross.

ENDED 1/23

And another new game bundle: the Humble Europa Universalis IV Bundle. Proceeds from this bundle go to the World Wildlife Fund.


New game bundle: the Humble Train Simulator Bundle. Proceeds go to charity: water, a charity aimed at bringing clean water to those who don't have access to it.

ENDED 2/25

New bundle. This one is the Humble VR Bundle. Proceeds will go to the charity WIRES, which stands for the NSW Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service. It is aimed at helping Australian wildlife.


New bundle. This one is the Humble Digital Tabletop Bundle 2. Proceeds will go the the AbleGamers charity, which assists gamers with disabilities.

ENDED 3/10

New bundle is available, called the Humble Sakura Collection. Proceeds will be going to Direct Relief, which is focused on providing medical services to those who need it but can't otherwise afford it, including prescription costs.

ENDED 3/24

New bundle is available, called the Humble Just Drive Bundle. Proceeds will go to either Direct Relief or Child's Play, depending on the choice of the donor.


New bundle, the Capcom MEGA Bundle. Proceeds will go to Child's Play or Direct Relief.

ENDED 3/31

New bundle. This one is the Humble Award Winners Bundle.

ENDS 4/9

There's a new bundle, the Humble Conquer COVID-19 Bundle. As you might expect, proceeds from this bundle will go towards fighting COVID-19. This bundle is different than the others. There is only one tier, and that tier has a mix of video games and e-books. For the sake of completeness, I'll list both, but in separate spoilers. The bundle costs $30.

You also get a free month of Humble Choice, if you are a new subscriber.


New bundle, the Humble Stardock Strategy Bundle. Proceeds will go to your choice of Save the Children, Action Against Hunger, or Charity: Water.

ENDS 4/21


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